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    Default new guy, cel question


    im the proud new owner of a new-to-me 98 suburban 5.7, limo tint, chevy impala rims, touch screen in dash dvd, base model, white with maroon interior.

    i got it today on a trade for my 98 intrepid es with 183k

    the burb has 125k, and had the intake gasket replaced last month.

    im a soldier in the army, and im currently deployed to iraq. im home on r&r in houston for the next two weeks. my wife wanted something bigger, so we got this suburban.

    i detailed the exterior today, tomorrow im going to remove the pinstriping, detail the engine bay, and clay bar wax it. ill post pics tomorrow night.

    anyways heres my question.

    i have two check engine light codes..

    one for emissions
    one for the mass air flow sensor

    now when i bought it today, there was no check engine light. while i was showing the guy my car, i noticed his kid come up and unscrew my gas cap on the intrepid. didnt think much about it until after we left and i noticed the cel.
    i immediately went and checked the gas cap, and sure enough it wasnt threaded on at all. not even a half a turn.

    i still wasnt convinced so i went to autozone on the way home, and it had the two codes.

    can the mass air flow code show up in relation to the emissions code for the gas cap??

    im going to disconnect the battery tomorrow and reset the cel.

    im hoping the two codes are related, but i bought some maf sensor cleaner just in case.

    hopefully its nothing.. or at least just a dirty maf.

    anyways thanks in advance for the replies. sorry such a long read for a first post. im gonna try and clean this bad boy up as much as i can, i go back to iraq for another 7 months in two weeks.

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    Welcome & Thanks for your Service! I know that the loose gas cap can cause a "code", but don't know if it would deal with the MAF. I'm sure some of the folks on here will be more informative. Good luck with the 'burb!

    2010 Z/71 Colorado C/C
    Black 4X4 w/5.3L V8
    2007 Winnebago Adventurer
    w/8.1L Chevy & Allison 6spd.
    Canyon Lake, Texas

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    Welcome to the site cleaning the MAF is a good start.
    Peter Smet
    Haasdonk, Belgium

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    first i just disconnected the neg battery cable while i detailed the engine bay. about 30 mins. hooked it back up and still got the cel. wasnt suprised.

    k&n mass flow filter looked like it hadnt been oiled in a year. guess it was pulling in all kinds of dirt. i pulled the whole assembly off, sprayed the maf with maf cleaner, and cleaned and oiled the k&n.

    disconnected neg battery cable again for 30 mins and YAY NO CEL! hopefully stays off.

    noticed a hairline crack in the upper plastic part of the radiator, starting just under the upper rad hose pipe on drivers side and ending at the 2nd fin.

    i got some plastic tank cement from autozone and hopefully its a quick fix for now, but im going to look into getting a new plastic upper peice...

    anyways, busy day, no pics yet

    still have to change tranny fluid, filter, and gasket... do the headlight lens repair, figure out how to change the power steering fluid, replace thermostat and pcv.

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    got the radiator replaced.. 125 for radiator, 50 for installation. also got the guy to install new upper and lower radiator hoses, thermostat, and a new belt....which i got at autozone

    tranny fluid flush with new filter and gasket, 70

    installed new pcv valve

    flowmaster type muffler with installation 75..

    used black brushguard 125.. installed myself in the guys driveway..

    took off the impala wheels, got some used black 15 inch steel wheels for 100, and 4 all terrain tires for 400.

    military discounts are great..

    ill post some pics soon.. its a pain to get pics off my wifes camera

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