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Thread: New from MS

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    Welcome to the site! Love to see good engine mods being done!

    10 Chevy Traverse LT AWD
    02 Chevy Trailblazer LS (110K+ miles - loaded except for 4WD - WRECKED!)
    99 Chevy Cavalier LS (105K+ miles - commuter car)
    78 Chevy Suburban Silverado (454, 3/4 ton)
    62 GMC 3/4 ton Pickup (350 police interceptor)

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoebeisis View Post
    Stock -cast pistons- stock cast crank??
    25psi- 1.6 OVER ATMOSPHERE??
    Is BIG TIME for a spark motor that isn't a race motor.
    The aftermarket turbo kits from 10 years back usually had some sort of programing that RARELY let them get over 10 psi-2/3 atm- despite making HP claims "double hp" that implied 15psi and more.

    So you buddy lunched his engine-11.3 126mph- wow!! back in 1980 when the first 1100 Suzuki came out-it was baddest stock bike around- IT WOULD DO 11.3 !!
    His 5000 lb truck doing 11.3 with a bolt on kit is really something!!

    Yeah if you-he lose the cooling and anti detonation effect of methanol-BOOM!!
    In WW2 some Heavily boosted German fighters had methanol and water boost for high boost giving short bursts of acceleration -USA fighters might have had it also.

    12.4 AND 115 was what a 750 mc would do 1980(stock) and it seemed FAST!! The 1000's would do high 11's-the 1100 Suzuki 11.3-not sure what the 6 cyl Honda would do-close to the 1100 Suzuki-fast!!

    You have a fast truck-and it looks AWFULLY GOOD to be called ole half worn out looking-
    hey if it is such a worn out POS you should sell it to me for $3000???280,000 miles-heck I'm probability overpaying!!
    Didn't think so

    Yea bone stock 2004 LQ4 6.0L. It has a isky 215/215 .561/.561 114LSA +3* adv ground in. Isky valve springs. Br7ef ngk spark plugs
    And a 2BAR MAP from a colbalt SS. Tuned with EFI Live. 2bar open loop speed density.
    These engines are silly strong! Got a couple friends with cammed LQ4 with LS9 head gaskets and ARP head studs, at ~22psi he makes 1050hp to the wheels. Another that does 950 @20psi.
    Heck theres a stocm LR4 4.8 with a cam and big turbo in south carolina that put down 919rwhp/880rwtq and he runs 10.1's in a RC 2wd silverado. With a 35shot to get the turbo spooling haha. These LS engines are awesome. It just needs a quality turbo thats the right size and they will do 1000+hp and last quite awhile if the tune is dialed in.
    2000 ECSB Silverado 2WD
    LQ4 with Isky 215 Turbo Cam
    4L80E KB Racing S475 Turbo Kit

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    Yo man this is chevyk1500. Your truck is sharp as hell.

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    Welcome to the Club!!!

    Mike (Denver, CO) - 2008 Sierra 1500 Z71 SLE 5.3L 4WD

    SUSPENSION: Rancho 4" Suspension Lift; Rancho RS9000XL Shocks; Rancho Skid Plates; Rancho MyRide Wireless Shock Controller;
    BFG All Terrain KO 315/70/17
    DRIVE TRAIN: 4.56 Gears; Detroit TrueTrac Differential; True Cool 40k Transmission Cooler
    PERFORMANCE: DiableSport Predator Tuner; Custom Tuned by Diablew; Magnaflow Exhaust; AFE Cold Air Intake
    ELECTRONICS: Kenwood DNX6180 Touchscreen; Subthump box w/10" Kicker; Driver Information Center (DIC); Rear View Camera
    ACCESSORIES: Westin Brush/Grill Gaurd; Westin Nerf Bars; Truxedo Tonneau; 20% Tint; Tow Mirrors w/Heat & Signals

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    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.


    those 5.3's
    they have plain jane cast pistons right-not forged pistons?
    plain cast iron cranks-not forged steel?
    and folks put 900 HP thru them

    GM offers a bolt in 383E stroker that can replace my 5.7-makes 340 hp vs 255-drop right in(except the trans isn't rated for 435 lb ft)
    but it has a forged crank-and 4 bolt mains
    Cheap too-$4800 dropped at my curb just 35 feet from my doorstep.
    If my 5.7 ever dies- 223,000 miles-absolutely no sign it is even tired-gets 21 mpg hy-leaks a little oil but doesn't use any oil- has good acceleration also-seems quick to me-but other car is a Prius,so....
    In any case if it ever dies-I will be REALLY REALLY tempted to get that drop in GM performance motor with an actual warranty
    I will probably die before it does

    In any case-GREAT TRUCK!!
    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

    199500 miles

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    Yes all the LSx engines have hypereutectic pistons, and cast cranks.

    If i had a old body style and my engine died, i would have surely went with a newer engine. you could do a 4.8 and a turbo charger and have twice the power easy for 4800$.

    4.8, 5.3, or 6.0 with a 4L80E and turbo.. its the perfect combo :D

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    That's a pretty impressive truck. What a sleeper and a Thanks for joining the forum, it's great to have you here.


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    i forgot about my buddys car in missouri.. its a 2001 camaro with a LQ9 which is the higher compression 6.0. On E85 he made something like 1300 to the wheels. he bumped it up a lil more to 28psi and it put down low 1400 but had a fuel injector that got mad and didnt play well. So it compressed a few rods and he pulled that motor and put a LQ4 in it. now with the new lq4 its sitting around 1200 to the wheels. It is rediclous on the highway with a 28" slick and a powerglide it will murder them tires.

    - - - Updated - - -

    and it looks so factory :D

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