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    Found out that the only reason they have Fords is because Chevy was not will ing to do a contract for the National Fleet.. what the hell, Why not? We are talking 3-5 2500, 3500, plus. Per branch and there are 60 of them. @GM Customer Service
    Goldie next
    Tim Walters (Curky)

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    Nah I'll stop in for a bit. Finally given a day early for the hard work we do on the ship.

    Curky next

    If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger cheater bar.

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    I beat 'em to it. Nice to hear from you Riley. Now it's Curky's turn...where you at Bud?

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    I have been training about 10 hours a day and studying a lot. I can say no matter how much I thought I knew about my lawn which I love taking care of my peace of earth, I knew jack s***. I will take before and after pics of my lawn, I even signed up for services (my first sale, lol). It will be green and awesome..... but do to this bad winter storm we got, I was called off for tomorrow and friday is questionable. They also moved my Columbus corporate training next week to Twinsburg the following week. Goldie again

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    Sounds like things are really begining to work for you. Snow is going (slowly) and temps maderating in may part of the country so the same weather should move towards you. And you will be able to make your training. Keep us posted!
    It's C/R's turn next unless Tim beats hiim to it.

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    I gave him a little time to beat me. Lol
    Thing are getting better for me. Thing would be almost perfect, if I could find a way to tell my wife that she is a hypochondriac.. without getting my head ripped off. Goldie again

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    Gonna pop in before Goldie. I had a very busy week hanging out with friends and doing some work on my truck. Got the rear end fluid changed and replaced the cover with a new chrome one. The synthetic fluid so far has made a nice difference in the acceleration and smoothness of the truck.

    Also new info on my previous post about leaving PSU Wilkes Barre, I'm going to transfer to a state school back home so I can at least get a degree to fall back on so if pursuing a career in what I want fails I wont be screwed. So right now its all about getting my grades up and getting the paper work done so next year I can be home and be much happier and more productive.

    Goldie next

    1996 Chevy Tahoe LT 5.7L V8 4X4 205,000+ miles. Built proudly at Janesville Assembly in Janesville, Wisconsin
    Basic mods: Lights all over, bunch of electrical work, and a couple cooling mods.

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    Goodluck buddy. I am psrt of this club in Facebook called Bow-Tie society. I might be kick out because the owner of the club statement.
    He took a pic of a Chevy with tow mirrors and no hitch. I said I understaind pet-peaves but, what he says is basicly. Anyone with a brush guard is stupid if they dont do off road???. I have got so many private messages because of this. ehen did CHEVY start MESSING chevy.
    Maybe I debate to much. If someone voices there opinions why can't I????

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    Stopping by...! C/R I like your reasoning for the change in your college plans and want to wish you the best of luck with it. Remember the person with the science degree says "why does it work?". The person with the engineering degree says "how does it work?". The person with the economics degree says "how much does it cost?". The person with the liberal arts degree says "would you like fries with that?". Also remember what Mark twain said, "Never let your schooling interfer with your education.".
    Okay Tim, your turn to jump in here.

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    You got me. Im beat. I love to work and not complaining about work! But look at it this way, I worked in a office for 3yrs and been laid up or off for a year. Im just out of shape. I go to corporate trainning tue, wed., thur. Work normal mo. And fri. Put in about 50hrs this week. Wow jut beat. Lol
    Goldie next

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