OK, How am I? Well, back to work today. Went to doc yesterday. He told me and the wife that I can do what I want since I do it anyway (). She goes you sure? he said umm, yes. She goes he wants to ride his ATV. You should of saw his face,. He said ok let me be more specific. Nothing that could hurt you kinda bad like, cleaning gutters, ATV!!!,no ladders, etc. I still have 5 large fractures that are mostly healed but not ready for me to fall on again. I go back Sep 11. he better clear me then. I told him my muscles hurt real bad. He said NO, that IS your pelvis for sure. He gave me a choice to get some more pain killers or drive. I need to work so i will deal with the pain for now.
My father in law said he will be buying the company at the end of the moth, we will see. Donyms next