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    Charlie...that was a great reply. I do get a little snarky sometimes. Just one of those things people (don't) love about me, hahaha. Usually the wives get better mileage (fuel mileage, I'm talkin' about). With you and me, it is the other way around. Hey, with a 'burb, you gotta do all you can to get better FE. Here in Vegas, we have a lot of traffic lights that stay red a long time (over two minutes, some). I have taken to shutting my engine off in those I am familiar with, and know I will be waiting awhile. So, I guess we are both a bit anal about FE. As for the dog...I took out the whole back seat of my X-cab truck, and built a platform with a bed for him. He loves it when we travel. Good chatting with you. Jim
    Las Vegas, NV...2001 Silverado 1500 LT Z71 Stepside X-cab, 171,000 miles, 5.3, cat-back duals, leveling kit, 3.73, 17" rims, more to come...

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    Jun 2006
    River Ridge Louisiana-4 miles W of New Orleans-didn't flood-water stopped 800 yards away.



    No problem-I am certifiable in respect FE.
    We are heading West in 3 weeks-New Orleans to Flagstaff-1510 miles one way(done trip 2 times in Burb-21.2 and 21.3 mpg on trips-just 3020 hy miles not "once we get there miles")
    did trip 3 times in Honda Pilot-get just 15.9 MPG- because of roof basket-and 75 mph speed-put a rear hitch basket on-slowed down-got 22.2 mpg in Pilot (not much better than MUCH bigger suburban-but suspect I drive maybe 5-7 mph more slowly now)

    You shut off the motor-and THE AC- in Las vegas-IN SUMMER!!??
    better man than me- besides my wife would literally KILL me if I did that with her in the car!!
    NOLA is freakin' hot and humid - but ANYONE who says "its not the heat its the humidity"
    Hasn't been in Las Vegas or Phoenix in JULY!!
    They are MUCH MUCH worse than NOLA in the summer-110 115 degrees-inhaling air MUCH hotter than body temp- being cooked by blacktop concrete buildings FROM ALL SIDES-
    Best thing I saw in Las Vegas or Phoenix was them in my rear view mirror!!
    But they are nice in the winter-so probably nice places to live-just keep that AC going!!

    Oh well
    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

    199500 miles

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    Hey, this is a bit too brother, Chuck, lives in flagstaff, and I'm going out there for a week, beginning 7/16. he lives on 20 acres, off the grid, just off interstate 40. he is actually right between flag and Beaumont. the a/c is no problem, because it does not work! that's right, in LV, and no a/c...gets a bit warm. I don't put the wife in the car, we take her car if she is going anywhere with me. last week, it hit 112...I just tried to keep the truck moving, not stopping. yeah, you walk across the asphalt at that temp, you might get heat stroke! since we are way off-topic, write me back at my email addy...buckmeister28305 "at" yahoo "dot" com Jim

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