My wife's 07 had the intermittent cruise control issue and every thing that i could find on this site (and others ) pointed in the direction of the stop light switch, all the stop lights worked fine even the third light. So after putting in a new switch (napa auto parts) the traction control and the stability control warning lights came on randomly. Reinstalling the GM original switch did not restore the original condition and... Not a crisis but now after a few days the brake lights are on anytime the keyswitch is on. All the extra warning lights keeps my wife blood pressure up and me on my toes trying to fix this problem.

I must have missed something on the original install, its very straight forward and Iv'e done plenty of wrenching in my 50 years. I'll probably go get a GM switch at twice the price and try it next but does anybody have some input on this issue? thx jimmi