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    Jr. Apprentice
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    I put a Magna flow on mine the dual in and dual out. It used to be a dual 2" into a single 2 3/4" out of the tail pipe.
    Now it is dual 2 1/4" in and dual 2 1/4" out. One outlet was extended over to the driver side tipped with chrome.
    It looks real nice.

    It is a deep sound, not loud but you can tell it's not stock.

    To increase MPG get a good tune up, check the tire pressure.
    I agree with J Cat, Go to a tire that has less foot print (road contact) for less rolling resistance.
    Coast to red lights; easy off on green lights - unless it's needed. Basically be aware of hard throttling and take advantage of the inertia in the mass of the vehicle to carry you to the red light.

    Mike Woj
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    Hi guy's, new to the site... I have what I call an early model 1999 Burb K2500 4X4 8600gvw with the 7.4L 454. I'm in Illinois and I just passed my very last emmission test so I can pull off the cats..etc... because I no longer have to get the truck tested. With this said I to am looking around for an exhaust system that sounds a little "high pro" but not with a drone sound. I could go with what I call a ture duel system but what do I do with all of the sensors factory installed into the exhaust system?

    My overall plans for my baby is to install a new fresh air intake, exhaust, get a tune done or install a programmer so I can change things on the fly... Level the front end, Install all new body mounts and bushings.

    Any ideas guy's??

    Great Site,


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    I have a cold air intake and a magnaflow installed on my Yukon XL. I bought it that way. It had a nice deep tone on idle, but on the freeway, anything over 65mph resulted in a horrible drone.

    Towing a trailer up an incline, the whole cabin would rattle. I went to a shop and they recommended the Magnaflow XL. It is an extra large muffler. The truck is much quieter. Wife is also much happier.

    I have a 2500 6.0. And the shop guy said the 6.0 is harder to muffle than the 5.3. I don't know if that is true or not. But definitely it was louder than the 5.7 in my '98 Burb.

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    Jr. Apprentice
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    Jun 2013
    Interlachen, Florida


    Hi Wags,
    I have a 97 Suburban with a 5.7.
    I recently replaced the engine.
    During the installation ceramic coated Flowtech headers were installed instead of the cast iron manifold.
    The vehicle was running pretty poorly and I installed a test pipe in place of the catalytic converters.
    This did not help and the stock muffler was replaced with a Magnaflow muffler w 2 inputs and 2 outputs. The second output was run over to the drivers side for a quasi dual setup.
    The sound was better than stock, kind of deep but also kind of quiet.
    The test pipe was removed and the dual catalytic pipe was put back in.
    The sound of the Magnaflow became a little bit louder. I think it became louder because the air flow slowed down. I think they sound better.

    I have had it all kinds of speeds and the increased sound has not been a problem at highway speeds or towing.
    My wife likes them better than the Flowmasters on my 75 GMC PU.

    Mike Woj.

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    Thanks Mike, My Burb is a 99 K2500 7.4L I'm looking to run headers with a "true dual" set-up and am having a hard time finding anything for the 7.4L everything is either for the 5.7 or 6.0.. I'm thinking having the ECM reprogramed can at least take care of a couple of the sensors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnCap View Post
    I got a 1999 GMC Suburban with 2 inch body lift,I want to get new exhaust installed on it. I had Flowmaster's put on my yukon I had few years ago and enjoyed those not sure if should go with same thing or something different. I want LOUD but really deep sound.Also want to know what else I can do to improve gas mileage I am thinking of cold air intake and maybe throttle body spacer? Not sure...suggestions are helpful.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Anyone got any info or experience with the Gibson Metal Mulisha Exhaust? Those are the ones I really like the sound of...
    Gibson Metal Mulisha exhaust are top quality. It's what I'm going with when I get there. Whatever brand/s you must go from headers all the way back and then tune it. So it's best to maybe be doing the exhaust mod with something like a cam mod. I'm rebuilding my 5.3 next most likely instead of a crate swap and will do a cam job then, and days later will be installing full Gibson exhaust then the retune which is a must when modding for power.
    Cold air intake is always good but for my year burb a simple drop in K&N dry air filter works well.

    Good Luck!

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