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The fluid was more of a greenish-black, but I went ahead and changed it with Auto Trak II, I checked the fuse box and it looks like everything is fine nothing, but just casual dust.

I believe the problem is the TC Control Module isn't getting power to it, so I have been trying to figure out where the wires go so I can trace them back for damage, but no luck on my end. I've also come to realize that it isn't the encoder motor making the clicking noise, but is instead the transmission.

I believe the 30A TREC fuse is the same as the ATC 20A fuse which is in the older vehicles like my 2000 .
if the 8 volt dc feedback voltage wire is shorted out you will get no switch lights. the voltage regulator 8 volts dc is in the 4wd control module which you replaced. check at this module for the 8 volts and the ground. both must be good or what you have is what you.ll get. the encoder will not move unless it has the knowledge of what position the encoder is. no 8 volts will do this .