I've had 5 trucks now and have done a roll-on bedliner in every one of them. I've tried a different brand with every truck and I think I'm most pleased with the looks of this one. I'm curious to see long term durability.

Raptor Kit:
4-bottles of liner
1-can of hardener
1-spray gun

Other Materials:
100 grit sandpaper
Scotch bright wheel
Scotch bright
Self etching primer
Painters tape
drop cloths

Step 1:

I washed the bed thoroughly with a wax and grease remover to get rid of years of car wash build up and oily residues.

Step 2:

Sand the finish until all the gloss is gone. I used a sander with 100-grit for most of it. Then I came back with the Scotch bright wheel followed by hand scrubbing with Scotch bright. This got rid of almost everything except the tight corners.

Step 3:

Since no one is perfect you may sand too deep and get to bare metal and you may not be able to get into the tiny crevices. Use a little self etching primer in these areas.

Step 4:

I disassembled everything I could to make masking easier. Make sure you double and triple check your masking because nothing will ruin your mood like blow-by.

Step 5:

Mix and spray a first coat like the Raptor instructions.

Step 6:

I followed the instructions and put on a 2nd coat on the entire bed and a 3rd coat on the floor, tailgate, and wheel humps. You may be able to do more or less depending on your bed.

Step 7: