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    Default 2004 Suburban intermitant problems, hard to explain in title

    Long winded, sorry but want to give as much info as possible.

    Hello everyone, I have a 2004 Suburban 1500 5.3L Vin say flex fuel, but no tag on body.
    A little over a year ago we were at Rocky mountain NP going up hill it started to sputter and quit running, after waiting a few minutes it started and ran just a little ways, then did it again, till I reached the top, it was a one way road, on the way back down it ran fine, and most of the way home, I live in Utah, then near Steam boat Co. it started doing it again, but not as bad, when shifting into passing gear it would loose speed, got home had the fuel filter changed, they said the fuel pump was within spec, that fixed it, but then about three months later it did it again, two or three times then it started running fine, and has for 8 months, then it started getting poor fuel economy, I checked the codes and it said it needed both OX censors the ones in front of the cats, I changed them and the fuel economy came up a mile per gallon, anyway yesterday we were out camping, it was hot, started up a hill and it started doing it again, I managed to get it turned around, and it ran fine down hill, but did it again going uphill to the camp, but ran just fine going home with the trailer the next mourning, but it feels like it has a lack of power, not like it was when I got it.
    It has 150K on it, I have changed the plugs and wires.
    The way it acted when it gave me problems is it would start to chug, and then stop running, I could start it right up, but it would not idle up, just chug as before then stop running, if I wait for a few minutes, like maybe 5 it will start up and run, sometimes for several miles, sometimes for just a few miles, once it quit and I tried to start it then the check engine light came on, it through codes P0131, P0151, P0171, P0174, today it seamed to run fine.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Wanted to add, just in case others are watching this, today we checked the fuel pressure, 45PSI, as I understand it that is way low, ordered a fuel pump today, once I have it on I will come back and post.

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    I too have an 04 burb. Was in Mass. last weekend and started loosing power. Got home and put brakes on and hit the gas and truck did not want to move forward with power. Took it to my mechanic, 800$ later same problem. Changed some parts that needed changing down the road. Ok. Checked fuel pressure 55psi, checked temp of cats before and after dropped Y pipe. No change. Swapped out accelerator pedal, throttle body, and Maf sensor. No change. Did i mention NO engine codes at all! Mystery. Now at a dealer and last checked yesterday, a call was put into GM. Waiting for an answer. I guess theyr gonna check computor? Feels like an ignition advance problem. Once truck gets rolling after 15mph and nail it its not to bad. Definitly can't tow a boat with it. Good luck with yours!

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