As everyone knows, I hate how crappy the LS engines look. Plastic everywhere, wires and plastic shrouding really really make these LS engines look ugly as sin in my opinion. As more and more people but these in old muscle and hot rods, the market to clean up these engines is growing. I was bored while writing a paper for my college class, and stumbled across this new valve cover set up. After talking to the company, they said since these covers are a bit taller some modifications may need to be done with wiring harnesses and what not to make it fit. As you can see they mount the coil packs above the valve covers to help clean up the look. You will need to buy longer wires such as the Katech for $55 bucks. What do you all think? Looks good or not? PS after check sources, the covers cost around $250, coil pack bracket $60, and like I mentioned wires $55.