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    Default XM antenna question......

    I need to mount a new XM antenna on the front edge of the hood on my 2005 Silverado.

    Will any aftermarket XM antenna work, or does it require a special model XM antenna to plug right into the GM factory installed XM receiver??

    IF it's not a straight "plug in" situation, does anyone know what adapter is required??

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    why do you need to mount it on the front edge of your hood? And i believe you have to have the vehicle specific antenna, try ebay for one of those.

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    Theoretically, you should be able to use any antenna, since it's a rather simple and generic item. It's 2 wires, but who knows, GM could be running something else weird through it. The connector would be my only question as to whether it would work.

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    Got a Lance915 slide in camper, the overhead sleeper section completely blocks the current XM antenna mounted on the cab. Relocation of the XM antenna is a get any recepion.

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    well i guess that would be a good reason, but i would think it would look better on the back of the hood? Just my opinion, but yeah i don't know exactly what they run through the xm, but if its only two wires i suppose you could try and connect them although you risk clarity.

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    This is probably too late, but leave the antenaeon on the dash. I live in snow country and didn't want to worry about knocking it off my roof. It works fine. I also mounted an antena beside the 3rd brake light in my Camry. I had great reception even when the back glass was covered by ice and snow

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    Default I just finished mine today.

    I have a 2005 silerado DRW 3500 and a Alpenlite Limited Odessa 9 and have been looking for a solution to this problem for 4 years with no luck. The only idea remotely close to what I found exceptable was at netboys camper page. He had purchased a Terk xm5 marine antenna and mounted it on the top of the camper. He drilled a hole in the top (camper) and fished the wire down and out to where the camper plugs into the truck. I believe this is where he then drilled a hole through the back of his cab and fishes the wire up to and behind the glove box. He would have to fish a wire every time he put on and pulled off the camper and said it only takes a a few minutes.

    What I wanted was a two piece line that I could reconnect at camper plug location area. I had talked to several Guru's with satellite radio knowledge and got little help with the problem. I think that it is met with little understanding of the problem I had... So I bit the bullet. I also purchased a Terk XM5 antenna like Netboy for about $57. The first thing I noticed was the heigth of the antenna. It's about 10" tall but it's adjustable as far rotating it forward or backward. I went to Radio shack and purchased (2) 50 Ohm BNC Plugs for rg58 coax cable twist on, male. and (1) 50 Ohm BNC coupler Type UG-914, female to female. I have heard that Radio shack's connectors are junk but for this trial it was all I needed. I then calculated where I wanted to mount the antenna on the camper taking note that I only have 30 feet of cable total that comes with the antenna. I then measured approximately the distance from there to the camper plug that plugs into the truck. I didn't want to drill a hole into the roof of the camper and fish the wire all the way down through the walls to find out that it didn't work.

    The measurement I came up with was about 12 feet, not quite half of the cable but I had to leave plenty left over to route from the xm reciever in the truck that is located behind the glovebox to a seven way flush mount plug box (like the one that you plug your camper into now) that I would install for the connector in the bed of the truck.... now with I would have cut it at 13 feet I came up about 8" short but it works out good anyway. I'm pretty anal about wiring.
    I cut the wire and twisted on the plug as directed on the Radio Shack connector packages. Except that I folded the "outer ground wire mesh" that is inside the cable over the ouside insullation to allow for proper connectivity of the BNC screw fitting. Plugged the whole works into my truck and BINGO! it worked!!

    I then proceeded with the installation of the unit on my camper via fishing the wires through the walls and behind the stove and out to male plug thats on the camper. I then fished the other side of the wire from the plug behind the glovebox down along the edge of the passenger door. I then drilled a hole and fished the wire along the frame and diaginal towards the fuel cap area.( I had to do it this way for I didn't have enough wire left over to run it on the interior of the truck) I drilled and mounted a flush type seven way plug-female type next to the existing one in the bed of my truck. I fished the wire up and through this after modifying the seven way internal of the plug (drilled a hole through it). I then connected the BNC Plug on the wire. The seven way plug box would allow me to hide the BNC Plug inside of it so it wouldn't get dirty if I at some day haul some dirt or rocks, etc.

    Final works! I now have two wires behind my glove box that I switch over depending on whether I'm hauling the camper or not then I can hook up the factory one. The Terk XM5 came with a pink connector (they label them by color) and GM uses the amber ones so I'll order an amber one to put on the end but this doesn't prohibit the use of it. The outside color plastic parts are different but the miniature plug that's on the end of the wire is all the same. I just plug the end of the wire into the receiver for now.
    I hope someone get use of this for I think that everyone I've seen couldn't justify buying an aftermarket antenna just to cut the wires and ruin it if it didn't work, resulting in a loss of about $75 and time. The BNC plugs and coupler were $12. The Seven way plug box $10. Antenna with shipping $66.77. Total $88.77 but I don't get the frustrated signal loss now and that's priceless!

    If anyone would like additional info just email me and I could send some pictures of the end results.

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    Thanks for the offer of sending pics........PM sent!

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