Hello fellow Bowtie members!

I'm new to this forum and am seeking some insight about an issue i've just experienced on my 2006 Silverado 1500 EXT z71. I'll do my best to include as much detail about this issue and paint as best a visual picture to go along.

So, I recently had my truck lifted (not sure that it plays a factor) but I just noticed that on the 4-way 4x4 Electric Selector on the left side of the dash next to the Odometer/Speedo, that I have no indication as to which drive my truck is in (Auto 4x4, 2wd, 4HI, or 4LO). I have searched Hi and Low under over and in the engine bay for any possible disconnected wire/plug, cracked case or leaking seals/bolts (and yes i know bolts them selves don't leak!!!). I have found None. I have verified that all Fuses are in good condition incase that might have been the problem (no luck).

I've also tried testing numerous configurations of trying to see if its just the switch its self went bad but can't accurately tell. This test consisted of having the truck placed into Neutral gear while parked and pressing each drive selection button to hear/feel if it engages into another drive (auto, 2wd, 4hi, 4lo) and no luck.

So, I not only have ZERO indication of what drive i'm currently in, but also there is no communication or command and response from the selector to the (and forgive my lack of proper terminology, but i'm assuming its called the transfer case?) to actually engage in the 4 possible options of drive.

i hope someone here can provide some insight as to what might be the issue and hopefully it isn't an expensive fix as i know how touchy in price GM is and especially when it comes to 4x4 parts/repairs!

Thanks again and look forward to the replies!