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    Default Heads up For HHR Owners

    Recently had an issue with the ignition on my wifes HHR, she had no problems or signs of a problem, Saturday evening she drove to the store and while trying to start the car to come home the ignition wouldnt turn, the steering wheel and gearshift were locked and no amount of bumping, jarring, forceful leverage on the steering wheel lifting, the front tires off the ground, I tried every trick I could think of, nothing would allow the key to turn.
    We left the car at the store that night and I had it towed to the dealership Sunday.
    This morning at 730 I called the dealership and they were already in work on the problem, they had an idea what the issue was and by 1200 the car was fixed and ready for pickup.
    Not sure how many vehicles, what year, or what models are covered but GM has a special warranty policy out for GM vehicles with issues on the ignition lock.
    I couldnt find any further information on the issue so I'm hoping when I go to get the car they can shed more light on it.
    Last year we had the car in the shop for the door locks, it wouldnt respond to the remote and the key wouldnt work in the drivers door, I used a slim jim to break in and by time we got it to the dealer the next day there was no problem, not sure if the two are related but I'll definately be asking questions.
    Hopefully I'll have more information to update with.

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    We have 4 HHR's as Co cars and 3 have had to have the Switch replaced One you could not even take the key out after driving the car..
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    OK Gm will replace Cobalt and HHR ignitions switches if they have a problem.
    The ignition switch tumblers fall out and either wont allow the key to turn or will lock the key in the ignition.
    They arent going with a full recall because the problem doesnt affect all vehicles, but due to parts suppliers they dont know which vehicles it does affect, so any ignition lock issue they come across is automatically assumed to be part of this and they will repair/replace free of charge.

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    Had similar problem.remotes would not work,key would not open door.Took it to dealer.They did not tell me what was wrong,just gave me two new remotes for $200.With warranty cost $100.
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    I had the key/remote issue with the door last summer, they said the new problem with the ignition tumblers isnt related.
    They could never duplicate the original issue of faulty door locks last summer, we were given 2 new remotes and it never happened again.
    I had to slim jim the door open when it happened so I could get in.
    Vandegriff Chevrolet in Arlington at the time labled it a safety impact and waived our warranty service fees.
    When I talked to the Service advisor yesterday I mentioned the issue last year and he stated "no I've seen that problem too, they arent related but when vehicles come in with the doorlock issue we cover it fully, we dont know whats happening but there is some type issue".

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