Hey guys,
It looks as though I am pulling the trigger on a 2014 2500HD fully loaded LTZ with the 6.6/Allison. The color is Summit White. The reason for the upgrade is because of the need for a lot more towing of the 5-7k lb enclosed trailer than I anticipated when I bought my beloved XS ive 1500 SC edition.

I am going to lift this one in fairly short order and need some input. The only thing I am certain of is that the rims will be chrome. Everything else is open for discussion!
Keep in mind the truck will be towing through mountains regularly and I don't want to compromise the torque/fuel mileage too much with super huge/heavy tires. If you look at XS ive, she pretty clearly defines my tastes. If it didn't have to work so hard in the hills, I'd keep it forever.
Any input on the following appreciated!

Size and type tires-
Brand rims-
Size and type of lift-