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    I change mine every 4-6k. Frequency is better but not neccessary.
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    I have gotten more comfortable with longer intervals. Semi trucks have been getting oil change intervals extended right along with the small stuff we use. I had a 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel (6.5 quart sump so just a half quart more than our V8's) that the OEM recommendation was over 11,000 miles on normal driving. Semi truck engines, like the Detroit DD15 engine, are getting OEM recommended oil change intervals of... get this... 50,000 miles! Wasn't that long ago, that to take a semi truck engine beyond 20,000 miles was almost criminal. There is ample evidence that using high quality oils and the Oil Life Monitor is working out just fine. I have never heard or seen of anyone having an oil sample tested that it showed the oil condition in critical territory under these longer intervals. It is just that our old habits die hard.

    But even then, with my new 2013 I bought the 1st week of June, I did an oil change at around 1200 miles to get the factory fill out and get new oil in there. One of those habits that probably will not die until I do. But now that the initial change is done, now follow the OLM to 10% then change.
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    The last truck (Dodge Cummins) I owned I installed (several iterations of) bypass filters, and did oil analysis. I took one fill of regular old conventional Rotella 15w40 to around 45k miles. That oil came back suitable for continued use. On a side note, the best filtration I had was achieved using a filter that used a roll of paper towels.

    Modern engine oils are pretty robust...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stchman View Post
    I change my Silverado every 6K miles. Every 3K miles is a waste of money.
    That's the ticket, stch! 6,000 miles is good (for my truck that you are currently taking care of for me!). Hey, y'all, I'm wanting to buy old stch's truck when he sells it real cheap in about 4 years .
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyGene View Post
    That's the ticket, stch! 6,000 miles is good (for my truck that you are currently taking care of for me!). Hey, y'all, I'm wanting to buy old stch's truck when he sells it real cheap in about 4 years .
    Cheap is relative. Just because I get rid of them every 4-6 years, does not mean I sell them for a song.

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    stch, stch, I'm jestin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyGene View Post
    stch, stch, I'm jestin'.
    I know. I actually really like the 2013 I have right now. It's the first vehicle I've ever owned with leather and real fake wood. I'll have the truck paid off in about 1.5 years, but you never know what idea I'm going to get.

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    5,000mi for me as it's easy to keep up with! I use Mobile1 synthetic......
    2010 GMC SIERRA CREW CAB (Silver) 4x4, ReadyLift 2.5" Level Kit, 305/60/18 Dick Cepek Mud Country, Go Rhino Nerf Bars, Husky Liners front and rear, Bushwacker Bed Rail Caps, Custom tuned. 4:11's

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    I, too, am an old gearhead (63). I don't want to offend anyone, but changing every 3K is a massive waste of time, money, and resources. That was the interval in you think maybe we have improved our lubricants and filters just a bit since then???? As another poster stated, our engine improvements have resulted in very clean and efficient engines. You know, in 1960, you were considered very lucky to get 100K out of a motor. Now, I fully expect to get 250K out of any motor without a rebuild. The old farts, and I am one of them, who listened to our dads when we grew up need to realize that tremendous progress has been made, and we need to make the sensible changes. If you use dino oil, 4K under very dirty conditions, and 6-8K under normal. If you use sythentics, 6K and 10K. If any of you doubt this, google "the truth about motor oil life", and you will be bombarded with numerous engineer and scientist tests that bear this out. Stop helping your mechanic earn his next vacation...change oil sensibly.
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    Well said @buckmeister2, and as an other old gearhead, I agree completely. Stop wasting our resources.

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