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    Thank you rebel. Yea looks like i got a bunch of options and decisions to make. I think if i run across the right deal I will more than likely go with a 4wd but still open for the 2wd. Rebel whats your opinion on just a level kit and kinda meaty tires on a 2wd?

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    I've seen lots of people do it. You get more ground clearance and more traction. Here's the thing: Mudding/off-roading where we come from usually consists of wallowed out trails that have deep ruts, mud that cakes up, and standing water when it rains. BUT it's mostly flat. So in our neck of the woods you need clearance, self-cleaning tires, and momentum. You'd get all 3 with a leveled 2WD and some 285/75s in a M/T. I rarely turn that dial to 4H or 4L because its more fun to hammer it hard and hit it full speed spinning. But when I need it, it's there.

    Bottom line, you'd be fine with that setup as long as you don't go where you know you can't. But if you ever need 4WD and don't have it, better have a buddy or a winch.
    Hotty Toddy!

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    Thanks man good thoughts there. Do you know if the 2wd and 4wd are same height and tire clearance? From what I have seen it looks the same to me in pictures and ones I have seen in person. Maybe the z71 sits higher? And anyone that wants to throw in more thoughts go right ahead I am all ears. Also anyone know what kinda mileage can be expected out of these trucks? Like I said before I am use to having trucks ranging from 170xxx to 225xxx miles.

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    I don't think there's that much of a difference anymore. Used to be, there was a 2.7" difference between the 2WD and 4WD. 2" for tires and .7" for the differential. But now, you can get a 2WD LT or LTZ with 20s. As far as Z71 goes, you won't see a huge difference there either except for shocks and the fact that they have torsion bars. You can only get a max of about an inch if you crank torsions all the way up, but it will ride like a pulp wood truck. EPA rates the 2012 silverado MPG at 15 city/21 hwy. But I don't think it's quite that good...

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    Alright thanks so much man been a great help! Looks like I just going to have to keep thinking over all the options until I can make some decisions.

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