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    Default Add 22s and back brakes feel like abs is on

    Just put on a new set of 22s and now at higher speeds if I have to apply heavy braking it shakes like the abs is on. Normal driving you don't notice it. Everything seems normal, anyone have any ideas on how to correct the issue. Everything is balance, so can the back brakes or maybe the computer be adjusted to the larger diameter wheels and tires?
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    A couple thoughts on this:
    1. The ABS is probably having issues with the larger wheel diameter during stopping. It's confused about the wheel speed. I've seen other trucks with this issue, most live with the problem but this isnt really the correct way to do it because later on down the road you'll have issues with the brakes like premature wear and heating.

    2. 22's are large and heavy tire's and rim's, make sure the shop that put the package together did a good balance on them. Most shops like to place stick-on balance weights on the inside of the wheel, with a larger tire/wheel they really need to be on the inside and outside lips, yea I know this detracts from the looks of the wheel. But it is the correct way to balance bigger tires/wheels.

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    I would think its the opposite, wouldnt the bigger rims be lighter becasue of different materials used in aftermarket and with less tire and rubber and air in the tire. More rolling mass yes but lighter weight and the ABS is confused with the difference in the programming from the heavier thick walled factory tire and heavier wheel material for factory rims, would a programmer be able to help that??
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    Default 22's Brake Problems

    I have forged 22's that are suppossed to be a lot lighter then cast, but they are still heavier then the stock setup. I have drum brakes on the back, and haven't noticed any problems. Sure it's a little harder to stop, but no shaking or vibrations.

    If you have disc brakes on the back, first check your rotors and your emergency brake. Your e-brake could need adjusted or the inside shoes changed. Also, the rotors could be warped. Having them cut is the cheapest way to go, but if you do, be sure to throw a new set of pads on as well.

    The wheels being out of balance should vibrate when your going as well as stopping so if they only do it when you brake, I think that they should be fine.

    Just my 2 cents!

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