We had that motor in a Pilot- it was good running!!
Honda traded a number of those 3.5's with the 5 speed ATs to GM for GM to put in ~2005-2006 VUE SUVs
they were running little SUVs
I think GM traded some 4 cal Euro diesels for the 3.5's-Honda didn't have many Euro certified little turbo diesels then I guess?? Maybe it was for south american or even asian market

Oh Zimmerman was actually a more or less liberal do gooder-
Poor guy had the wrong name-sounded like a Blond haired Germanic White Power name-so various media saw a story in the shooting and ran with it-
When they got a look at Zimmerman-well spoken , short, pudgy hispanic-must have been a disappointment.
Yeah that kraut name nearly sunk him!