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    Quote Originally Posted by Willow View Post
    They did not give me a code. He hooked up the "scanner" and took off with truck. On return, said when put in 4wd auto he saw that "the rear speed sensor on the transfer case" was not being read. I heard him explaining the guy at the counter who was writing up the paper work. He said he could see the signal going to transmission speed sensor, to front speed sensor on transfer case but not rear. He did not give me a failure code nor was one written on paper work. This was Russ Moore Transmission shop. assuming they have the proper scanners. As far as the people who replaced my transfer case and trans...yes- my son is not a certified mechanic. Yes, he made some errors (already fixed a couple that was found). It was the best I could do at the time. I was prepared for transfer case to fail, but was not prepared for it to take the tranny with it, so did not have the money to go the route I normally would have gone with engine or tranny issues. So paying for it all now. What's done is done. Now just trying to get Brutus back to normal.
    so with the explanation of your sons experience and of his working this the wires I feel are very suspect of being the problem of course this includes connectors and the pins....

    again I say go to a shop with a GM drive train scanner. this will give failure codes to determine whats wrong.., the tranny guy does not have this since he was looking at the speed sensor signal. what you need is the report from the vehicle computer PCM of what issues it is having with the feedback from the drive train components.

    I would call and ask what GM drive train codes he got ..if is starts talking funny then that ANSWER is NO !

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    I did stop at the dealership and asked for them to scan it- $87.50 just for them to put a scanner on it. I can buy a new sensor for less than half that. I will try calling him back tomorrow, but saw no codes written on paper work, so would prob have to take it back to get rescanned.
    I did get the right part number for the sensor on the transfer case from the advanced auto parts I normally go to (since they have never given me an incorrect part) and verified it online. .

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    Issue fixed! I had my regular shop change the sensor - which fixed my auto 4wd issue...but he said I still did not have 4 low and noticed my N did not light up on my shift indicator each time he changed through gears. He scanned it and said I needed a neutral regulator aka brake switch. Made the appointment for the next Monday. Sunday I had issues starting. Thought battery...nope. Had son pull alternator- it was good. Replaced starter (when I brought back old for core- they said it was still good enough to do the job- but he showed me the teeth were pretty worn and the arm was starting to wobble- so left new one in)...didn't solve issue. Replaced starter relay. Nope. Gave up and towed to shop for my appt. The neutral regular switch had failed and that was the cause of the issue. I now have all my 4wd gears back with no warning lights coming on, he started right up after they replaced it, my back up lights also work again. I am going mudding this coming weekend- yeeee haw!

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