Hey everyone,

I thought I would post up the most recent modification to my 2004 Silvy. Installing a Autoloc tilt hood hinge kit. Or as I call it, the Suicide Hood. (cause it sounds cooler)

I am finding myself at more shows & cruise ins, and I wanted to do something to seperate myself from the crowd. And here it is...

The Autoloc kit: part # tilthd

Step one: Find where you're going to mount the brackets. I, obviously, needed them to be on the radiator support. I intended to weld the brackets to the support until I found out the rad support is aluminum and the brackets are powder coated steel.

Step 2, Mock up:

Remeber the old rule, measure a million times to cut once, this project is no exception.

A mock up of how the whole hinge assembly will sit.

This is when I discovered a hood clearance issue with the location of the heim joints. So I needed to flip the brackets around to move the joints back an inch.