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it is very good 2 ways to do it we have slept on the fold out couches with bunks closed sleep 2 adults and 2 small kids this way or bunks open either way the heater does great anf the a/c is super we kept it at 65 inside when it was 98 outside...i have had 5 campers in the past 7 years and this one is the keeper were starting our 3rd season with it and would not concider changeing it my truck is a standard cab long bed 4.3 ho and i get 16-17 mpg and dont even know its back there when in tow haul mode

How sturdy is that' fold-down sleeping area? Is that designed for kids mostly? I may look into something like this as the family option for camping next year. We spend too much time in the city, need to get out of town and go camping, teach the boy about the outdoors.