When I was a kid- 50's 60's-born 1951-
I lived in a rural area- small town-south louisiana-and rural are in Penn before that.
I distinctly remembering going to Western Auto to buy 22's
and I ALWAYS bought 22 shorts-since they were 39 cents/box vs 59 cents for 22 long rifles-can't remember EVER buying 22 LONGS??
I mail ordered a Winchester 190 22 RIFLE -in about 1964-fill out some order blank from a magazine
Not sure If I lied about my age-I was 13 yo-or had my mon or dad sign it?
Anyway it arrived maybe 1 month later-in the US mail-still have that rifle-but wish I spent $10 and got the fancier Winchester 290-nicer wood fancier finish-but I was a cheapskate even then-

I also talked my dad into signing for a High Standard 22 pistol-at Sears -1964
One year later I talked him into signing for a $88 Browning High Power-I paid $66 cheapskate dad paid $22-
pricey gun-he didn't actually let me take that gun out without supervision until I was 17 or so

Yes Cowpie times were different.We could go behind the levee or to the dump and shoot our 22's as much as we could afford-meaning ONE box of bullets-39 cents.

But on safety stuff-airbags forcing them to meet crash standards-Corps NEVER would have done it without being squeezed-same story on CAFE regs-
No way would we have low cost 20-25 mpg 1/2 ton trucks if not for CAFE REGS
Now the beeping crap-that is just annoying.