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    Quote Originally Posted by BurbanMan View Post
    I thought I once was correct and was STILL mistaken! Lol

    It's sad really. Diesel is a by product of gasoline. Wtf are we doing paying more for the by product than the real deal?! Does the government want diesels off the road that bad? Hell, drop the price of diesel down to $2 gal and war h the economy turn itself around!

    No, actually diesel is just taken off the tower at a lower point...diesel, gasoline, lube oil, even asphalt are just a part of crude oil. Gasoline has a lot more processing by a long shot than diesel, even ULSD. I have never really seen any reason for it to be as high as it is...

    I remember stopping in Tulsa back in 2001 and buying diesel for $0.78 a gallon...and in 2008 it spiked over $5 a gallon on my way to Washington state!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stchman View Post
    Here in St. Louis the prices are as follows for gas and diesel:

    87 - $3.41
    93 - $3.71
    Diesel - $3.75

    Premium prices crack me up, you ever notice premium is ALWAYS $0.30 higher no matter the price of gas? When gas was $1.75 a gallon, premium was $2.05. It looks to me that $0.30 per gallon higher is all the public is willing to pay. Scam if you ask me.

    At one point it was $0.03 different, $0.87, $0.90, and $0.93...then it was $0.10 between the three for a long time. And then a few years ago it did the "spread", $0.10 for mid-grade and $0.30 for premium!!

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    Diesel is a lot more expensive that gasoline now.

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