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    Default My 95 Dime (S10 Pickup)

    I've had this S10 for about a year now. Its a 1995 in the dark red color. 5 speed. 4.3 vin z and 2wd.

    Got it like this:

    Sprayed the wheels black, emblem red, took off the ugly license plate bracket, took off the guard on the hood and cleaned it up real good and it turned to this:

    Found Z28 wheels and repainted them. Got some tires offline. Added some fogs too:

    I ended up getting LED tail lights for christmas so they were on and it looked like this until about a month ago:

    - - - Updated - - -

    I was on Craigslist (my favorite site in the whole world) and i came across a mint set of Outlaw II wheels with tires for a cheap $250. So i jumped on the deal real quick.
    FRONT SETUP: 215/70/15 on 15" x 7" wheels
    REAR SETUP: 275/60/15 on 15" x 8" wheels.

    Wide tires, what i've always wanted on my truck.

    Had to freshen up under the hood a little for starters:

    I've been into lowering it since last year, so i got on it. Been working a lot more now so i had to do it. 3/3 Ground Force kit from stylin trucks. Springs and blocks. Lowered it last weekend. LOVE it now!

    So far that's how she sits! Opinions, suggestions etc welcome. Just joined here!

    I am planning on getting red lugs, center caps sometime and i'm thinking about taking the badges off the side. Still back and forth with that but for now i love how it looks and sits.

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    Looks good right now.
    What do future plans have in store for it?

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    For right now it's in pretty good shape. There is some cab corner rust i would like to tackle but i need a welder first.

    I wanna tint the tail lights and corners. And it has just a cheap glass pack on it right now, but i wanna rid that and put a flow master 10 on it. I gutted out the cat a while back because it was rattling.
    Definitely some more detailing under the hood.
    And some other smaller things like exterior and interior things. I do have a sub/amp/stereo in it. Could use new speakers but they work okay for now.

    Any suggestions?

    I would love a first gen cause i can get more of a classic look out of it with what i'm trying to go after, but this truck will stick with me for a while as of now.

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    Even if you cant get rid of the corrosion and replace the corners tackle it now, get the corrosion under control and stopped before it spreads. Yea I know a truck with primer spots aint as cool but if you get it under control now itll be easier to fix when the time comes.
    Again it might not be the popular choice but when planning your build tackle the drivetrain first, make sure its in top shape and perfect running order, cause a good looking truck with a nice sounding stereo that doesnt run is right next to useless.
    Not only is your truck a way to express your style but its a tool, its what gets you to work to earn money and build it better.

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    yea i understand. everything is good on it mechanical wise. I've replaced things like the starter, front rotor, oil cooler lines. I would like to get the rust fixed soon just gotta get a welder or look into panel bonding.

    I got the system for cheap when i first got the truck.

    This truck is a full worker too. It's my daily. I tow with it a lot (mowers for my mowing business) and i carry stuff a lot. Almost everyday there is something in the bed whether its a shovel or a full load of hay to a wheel barrow. Or lawn equipment. So i try and keep it looking like a nice taken after truck, meanwhile it's a full work horse.

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    Apr 2010
    Piermont,NY, back in Northern NJ now, But may be in IL soon....


    I see on your plate that you are in NY Where?
    08 Z71 Avalanche Mods to date: K&N CAI,Hellwig Swaybars and End Links, Corsa Sport Exhaust, Superchips Programer,IPCW LOF & 3rd brake light and tails, AMI Gas door,Show Hooks and Door locks, Enkei Wheels, with Pirelli tires, StreetScene Bowties, Grant Steering wheel,Muth signal mirrors,SSBC Big Brake kit,Huskyliner Mug gards,Floor mats and Hood shield, McGard Lug nuts and locks, Bedrug, Cervini's Ram Air hood,35watt HID Fog lights, Sylvania bulbs all around ZXE's Highs and Lows, WhiteNight Back up lights,Sirius and HD Radio, SnugTop sitting on deck now Got a Softopper on now,Tempress Boat Hatches.... New Bilstein shocks are on... New Mods coming soon..... X

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    Im in pleasant valley. Its about 5 minutes from Poughkeepsie. Really one of the only s10s i have seen that had work done to it.

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    Probably gonna be ordering new front tires tonight. The belts separated on the one front tire so they are done.
    I am tossed up between what size to get. I can get either the same size which is 215/70/15. Or a 225/70/15 which are a tad taller and wider. I want the same diameter tire but a little wider. The size i found that at was 235/65/15 but i'm having a tough time finding it without spending a lot. I want the same tire which is a cooper cobra GT so they match. A 215/70/15 is $79 a piece. Or i can spend 6 bucks more for the 225. My only worry is it looking taller making the back wheel width and height less noticeable.

    Any help? What would be a good tire size to go with, keeping the same height at the 215/70?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Okay so i went with the same size that was previously on there. So i have the same cooper cobra tires, 215/70/15 tires on the way for the front wheels. I highly doubt they will get mounted this week so i'm counting on next week them getting mounted. And at the same time i'm gonna get rear snows mounted on the stock wheels for this winter.
    95 S10 LS 5 speed ext cab 2wd "work truck"
    3/3 static _ Spectre Air Filter _ Punched out cat _ Glasspack>

    99 S10 Xtreme 3rd door, 5 speed 4.3 VIN W
    Hurst Short Throw Shifter _
    American Racing wheels (275/60/15; 215/70/15) _ Sub/Amp/Stereo _ TB Mod>

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    Turbo that bad boy and have a ball!

    235/70/15 is the same diameter as your 275/60's

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    I would LOVE to supercharge it but it's a daily. If i was gonna do that kind of job i would get the first gen i dream of owning eventually and do that work to it. I would drop in a 350 and supercharge it.

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