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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyA View Post
    Maybe this will help
    A useful site if you avoid the forum drivel.

    2013 Silverado LTZ White Diamond Crew Cab

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    Husky Liners GearBox Underseat Storage
    Airaid MIT
    EGR Rail Caps
    K&N Air Filter
    Flowsound 40 Muffler
    Hypertech Max Energy Tune (only top end limiter removed and AFM disabled)
    Chrome Tailgate Handle Cover
    TonnoPro HF-155 Tonneau Cover
    WeatherTech Front and Rear Splash Guards
    Husky Liners X-Act Contour Floor Liners
    WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors

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    Guys I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin. Do your research. All the brands you mention are all by-product oils of petroleum based companies. Mobil 1--ExxonMobil, Castrol--BP, etc. All of these companies' refineries are aimed at one thing---cranking out the maximum amount of GASOLINE possible from each barrel of crude oil. That's where their record-setting profits come from.

    If you want to squeeze every last bit of gasoline out of crude, you have to use "light" or "sweet" crude. The viscosity properties of sweet crude are less desirable for the maufacturing of motor oil/lubricants, and are further degraded when the refineries use the thicker crude in the oil itself to "cut" or process the gasoline to save on manufacturing costs.

    Both ExxonMobil and BP use 70%+ of all their crude to manufacture gasoline. That leaves less than 30% of sweet crude, already less desirable, for all other petroleum products including kerosene, heating oil & diesel, grease, gear oil, and motor oil. The numbers don't lie. It's in their profit margins. Why put stock in something that will cost you $40 at most every 5,000 miles VS. something most of us spend hundreds of dollars on per month?

    If the oil is not dark in color yet clear in clarity (most is purple/dark red tint), bitter in smell, and produced from thick/sour raw crude, it is not the best you can get. Synthetic oil's true test of strength is not in heat, but in thin, cold air. It was designed by the U.S. Army Air Corps in WWII to operate in the supercharged Merlin engine of the P-51 Mustang which had the highest ceiling of any fighter of the time, demanding a high performance oil where air contains almost no oxygen and sub-zero temps.

    I have seen Mobil 1 synthetic break down in viscosity tests just like every other major petrol brand in independent lab tests. If you want a true high-performance oil from a true high-performance OIL ONLY company, these tests speak for themselves. Southwestern Petroleum Company, INC. (SWEPCO). They manufacture/sell NO GASOLINE products. ALL first-cut crude is used for oil and lubricants ONLY.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebel_Bowtie View Post
    If you want a true high-performance oil from a true high-performance OIL ONLY company, these tests speak for themselves. Southwestern Petroleum Company, INC. (SWEPCO). They manufacture/sell NO GASOLINE products. ALL first-cut crude is used for oil and lubricants ONLY.
    Southwestern Petroleum appears to be a manufacturing company, not a refinery. They purchase refined products meeting their specs. It is conceivable that their products would be considered "premium" products. Other companies, of course, fall into that world as well, Royal Purple jumps to mind.

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    You are correct RayVoy. They are a manufacturing company and do purchase processed thick/sour crude from refineries to manufacture lubricants from the richer crude cut that ExxonMobil and BP don't want. And yes, Royal Purple is one of SWEPCO's biggest competitors. They are both premium oils.

    And to add to my last post, if you're seeing "results" from conventional motor oils, it's thanks to your engine, not the oil. Today's engines, even with GM's PCV oil burn-off/AFM issue, are remarkable at internal combustion efficiency. And unless you live at one of the poles or in frozen tundra, synthetic oil (even full) will not specifically benefit you.

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    Another good site is the American Petroleum Institute.

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    This thread died out quickly.

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    62 GMC 3/4 ton Pickup (350 police interceptor)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    This thread died out quickly.
    I guess it is just a well worn discussion that people take intractable views on.

    For me, it is not like I only use Mobil 1 no matter what else might be better. It is just that when on sale, it offers the best combination of quality oil and reasonable cost. That combined with their long standing support of Chevy Racing, and it is a no brainer.


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    Intractable views. That's a good way to put it.

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    I use Castrol GTX oil because I am a John Force fan. Full synthetic in 05 Chevy Uplander and conventional in 97 GMC pickup (thinking about synthetic for it too).......and NAPA Gold filters, cus I work there and get a discount. They are supposed to be made by Wix from what I understand.

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    I use Valvoline for all the fluids besides my antifreeze because they are the only ones who make synthetic for ever fluid I need and make it to GM specs. Also they are one of the few trusted companies allowed to make Dexron VI GM's new tranny fluid. I use their Synpower oil in my engine and the truck has never been happier! Fully Dexros1 approved and licensed by GM. Also from what I can tell they are one of the suppliers for trucks from the factory as well as some dealers.(Not 100% sure on this I found it in some GM directory at one point) I combine that with an AC Delco filter because I have only heard good things from their filters. They have the strength and features of a performance filter at damn cheap prices.

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