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    Default after market lift probelms

    I have a chevy 1500 z71 2003, its lifted with after market parts from a no-name company. Who ever put the lift on seem like they might have put it on wrong and the CV axles from the four wheel drive unit are not straight but at an angle going down to the tires. When I replace the cv axles they almost immediately broke, and I assuming it is becasue of the angle in which the sit? Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Are there drop down spindles that I can get to offset the lift and make everything straight?

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    If you could take a picture as to how bad the angle is that would offer some insight as to how bad it is.

    I was once told that drop keys could be used to lower the truck a little and take the strain off of the cv axles. Not sure if this would help solve your problem or cause a new one. But in my mind, the axles would be lined up better. You would probably have to lower the rear of the truck too so you don't get a dumb looking rake to it.

    Pretty sure I was also told it would soften the ride up a lot so. Idk maybe someone else can chime in and help you out.

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    This is the best image I could get with put taking the tire off. You can kinda see all the gorse the axle has been spitting

    - - - Updated - - -

    I forgot to mention the was the driver side wheel taking the picture from the front of the truck
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    How high is the lift?
    Normally 3-4" while not being great is workable and wont imediately snap cv's.
    Google "high angle cv's", theres a few mfgrs that sell them.
    But, it sounds like high angle cv's would only be a band aid, the problem would need to be corrected by reducing the lift, if you were able to find spindles to do this you would more than likely need to add something like "uniball" ball joints to help correct otjer angles that would be upset by the new spindles.
    Probably the best solution would be a quality known manufacture lift to replace the one already in there. And possibly reduce the height of the lift.

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    So that's what I got to my understanding nothing is stock and I'm not really sure how to get those axles so they are level or if they are sitting how they should be and was installed wrong ( I installed them). Let me know if you can.

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    What lift do you kind of lift do you recommend? I know a decent lift can cost an arm and an leg do you think there's a way to lower the truck without stock parts, I know about nothing when it comes to a lift.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And I think the lift is a 4 " lift but not clear on how to find that out

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    Only thing I can think of is to measure to the top of the wheel wells (ground-up) and find out what stock measurements those would be. Probably have to actor in the tire size too

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    Yea those are bad angles for a shaft that short.
    Theres so many unknowns with this situation.
    Quality lifts can be expensive, going back to or close to stock can also be expensive.
    Is there any type of drop down used on the front diff?
    Maybe they didnt put the front diff drop in.
    With that angle Im thinking that may be the issue, no drop on the front diff, why it wouldnt be installed isnt hard to guess, some lifts use complicated drops and sometimes they require hacking the suspension by cutting the diff ears off, which renders the suspension unable to be returned to stock normally and sometimes may require welding by an experienced welder. Hard to tell this without knowing more about your lift.

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    Definitely take a few pictures trying to ccapture every part of your lift. Even if it mmean scrawling under the truck.

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    Did we even identify the height of the lift? Any clues as to who made it?

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    Default Pics of the suspension

    Pics of the suspension drivers side

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    - - - Updated - - -

    So I tried to take as many photos as I could. The last two of are the torsion keys, the picture shows them how you would see them from the ground. The third from the last is the torsion bar just want to show how its somewhat worn out maybe a clue to those that know more. I also tried to show the front diff and no it doesn't look like there is a drop. Thanks

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