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Thanks for the replies gentlemen, your inputs are appreciated. It helps to know there are others with the same problem, I was beginning to think my "unicorn" was a one of a kind thing.
@99 Heartbeat........ thanks Mike for the diagram of the seat, that will go a long way to getting this thing fixed. My biggest fear was digging into the upholstery for access to the cable, but it appears the covering and foam remove as single pieces. If I come up with a decent fix for this, I'll come back and let you know.
Thanks again,
Your Welcome Bob......I would just mention, when asking for Advice and/or Help, always try to include as Much Information about your Vehicle, as you can.....Year....Model....2wd/4wd....Engine etc.....as this will help the member's, in giving you the Best Advice and/or Help, regarding the Issues/Concerns you may have with your Vehicle......Thanks.