Hello, I own a 2006 Trailblazer LS 4wd, and today hauling our mower around in it. So, first we put the mower in, thinking we would close the lift gate itself, and leave the glass up, well we noticed to unlock the window, since the gate was up, the button would not open it, so in the liftgate, I switched the lock to the lock position with my finger, thinking it would help, well it did, and we rode off, but later on noticed it is staying locked, and the remote or inside buttons will not unlock it, we followed the book to do the emergency unlock, but it still is sturbon, any help?

My wife has to go to work on monday, about 20 miles away, and the dealer won't be open till then, and she needs the truck, so would it be safe to drive? I have heard it is not with problems of the liftgate flying open, or they have a huge disclaimer about carbon monoxide.