So with in the first week of owning my '89 Suburban 1500: 5.7 / 700R4 / 4x4, the trans is shot. 1st-4th will not grab when I give it more than 1/2 throttle. The truck has either 179 or 279000 miles on her and I know it needs to be done. I dont really feel like spending the 16-1800 to get it rebuilt so I am thinking of tackeling it my self. I have done a few engines in my time but nothing like the magical AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. I found a site that has downloadable step-by-step instructions. My questions are: 1) What rebuild Kit would you recommend? 2) Torque Converter? 3) Upgradable parts? 4) on average how long did you have yours removed from the rig? This is my daily driver and would like to think that if I have all the parts and nothing is broken or worn that I wasnt planning on replacing that I could have it done in a weekend. Also, is there ANYTHING I am forgetting to ask? Is so please let me know the question as well as the answer. Thank you all in advance. -Mike-