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Thread: Bonded Titles

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    Default Bonded Titles

    Greetings Gang!

    After much deliberation and such, I think I'm going to have to get a vehicle from the dark side. I will hopefully be getting an old boy scout camp truck which is a 1993 F*rd Bronco is fair to poor condition. Only thing is, I'm allmost 100% sure I'm not going to be able to get the title from the council. I was told I could get a bonded title, but then I heard yesterday from my cousin that Louisiana does not issue bonded titles. In the research I have done in the past, it looked like I could get a bonded title. Any idea what the case is? Im guessing Tim would have the most knowledge about this, but I figured I'd throw it out there to the whole. Thanks guys!

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    I dont know specifically about La. and bonded titles (I still stay away from cars that have any trace to La, the wet ones are still on the market) but you can get a bonded title in most states. They use the vin to do a title and registration search, if it shows no hits it's issued the bonded title usually for around a $100.
    The problem comes if someone later on comes up with a title in their name and wants to claim the vehicle back. Then the bonded title becomes null and void. The only time I touch a bonded title is if the vehicle has parts I need for another rebuilder. The bonded vehicle then gets stripped and sold to a metal recycler. In Texas it's legal to sell a bonded title vehicle to a scrap or salvage yard, some states dont allow this.
    I personally wouldnt use a bonded title vehicle as a builder (I've been burned on one before), I'd use it as a parts donor tho.

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    Yeah, this is one of those sticky situations. The local Boy Scount council was donated this truck quite a few years ago, and now it just sits up at the camp. It hasn't has a plate or insurance on it for a few years. We just recently got a couple new vehicles, and the Bronco hasn't been used in quite some time. However, I know for a fact that the council is not going to give me the title to the truck even if I asked, they're just that way. The camp ranger and I have made a verbal agreement that once he gets a chance, he's going to ask the council if he can sell it for scrap, like he does with the other old camp trucks, but instead give the truck to me so I can get a bonded title on it. I'm fairly certain that once they think the truck is gone, they'd never ask about it again, but you say that before they issue a bonded title, they dod a title and registration search. How intensive is that search? If it's an ad in the local paper, no sweat. If it's looking in the databases for the last registered owner and contacting them, I'd probably be screwed. I know you're not familiar with LA but, any thoughts? I'd really likie to get this truck since it isn't in horrible condition, and I can't seem to find a reasonably priced Bronco anywhere near here, they all want $2500+.

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    A VIN search is usually pretty thorough. With computers being linked now days these searches usually cover the whole U.S. and can most times give a record back to the point of original sale and any previous owners that properly filed for ownership. But it'll only show whats been entered.

    For example: say at the time a local jurisdiction was setting their system up they made a ruling that any vehicle registration that hadnt been renewed for 5 years would not be entered, that would leave vehicles off the system. When the owner decided to renew them at a later date he'd have to show an original title or get a bonded title, there isnt any trail to prove he's the actual owner because whats considered "proof" is whats now in the computer. A search on this vehicle would then entail going into the original paper copies, something no city/state/federal worker would do unless they were forced to. Additionally how did the truck get at the Boy Scout camp? Was it donated? If so the council may not have title, it may still be in the original owners name, nonprofit organizations often do this. And lastly if it did have a bonded title and the origina/last registered owner had passed away who was willed the vehicle? If it isnt listed specifically in a will its considered state property in most states. Thats a whole new set of problems.

    If you can get the truck I'd say go ahead and get it, if a bonded title becomes an issue, find a wrecked Bronco with good title and resurect it.

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    I do know that the vehicle was registered and street legal up until somewhere around 2005. As a result, I would guess that the council does have the title. I actually have all the information for the previous owner to the council too, it was a company in the town that I live in. I really want to make this as simple as possible, but if I must find a wrecked bronco to build upon, I guess I can. In that case, what constitues a change in VINs? And if all hell breaks loose, it'll just be a straight trail rig that I'll have to trailer to the trailhead.

    Gotta hate pseudo-illicit dealings...The camp ranger wants to give it to me as a thank you for service rather than see it be scrapped or junked.
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    Being licensed doesnt always mean the title has been properly transfered. Knowing the previous owner helps, but being its a corporation creates other issues, they may not like the fact that someone else is getting their donated to charity vehicle.
    Probably the best bet is a trailered trail rig. Title issues are why my 91 Toyota is a trailered trail rig.

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    I read that it was three years in Texas for a bonded title to stick.

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    Claims made against against a bonded title are normally null & void if the bonded title was issued over 3 years previous, but if the claimant can produce a good reason the bonded title can be decided in court by a judge. Basically meaning a bonded title is only worth the paper its printed on.
    I had my 91 Toyota on a bonded title for 5 years when someone holding a title to it showed up and tried to take possesion, the whole mess ended up in court and was decided in my favor because of the circumstances involved. The person with the title was instructed by the court to surrender the signed title to me, that hasnt happened in over a year now, the court says I can take the issue back to a judge and have penalties and assesments levied against the title holder.
    I bought a properly titled 90 model Toyota truck a few weeks ago and am in the process of swapping all the parts over, I'll crush the 91 and maybe drop it off in the front yard of the guy holding the title.

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    Go Tim! I didn't realize those were your circumstances. I'm still working on getting the Bronco, although it looks like the ranger and I may be taking the more diplomatic approach and seeing if the council will "sell" it to me for parts. In the end, I'd probably be donating to the Friends of Scouting fund. I'm just not sure if they'd want to comply, or if they did, if they'd comply to the point of handing the title over. My battle still rages on. In the meantime, I'm going to get my Suburban built up and done and I'm going to keep my eyes open for another Bronco that I can buy for cheap...

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