I just purchased a used 2005 Tahoe Z71 with Bose, Onstar, XM sat, and a rear entertainment system. I did not want to settle for the vehicles at my local Chevy dealership at the time so they found this previous lease vehicle at another dealership and bought it in for me. The spec on the vehicle included a navigation system but the former dealership pulled out the nav system and installed a regular stock stereo before they shipped. Long story short my dealer gave me a "Due Bill" for the nav system.

I callled my dealer the other day about the nav system and they are having trouble locating the stock nav system and offered to install a "nice" aftermarket GPS/Nav system. I said it would be okay but after thinking about the Bose, Onstar, XM, steering wheel controls, and rear entertainment system I started to worry about all the potential interface problems with an aftermarket solution.

I know they make a lot of adapters but has anyone successfully isntalled an aftermarket GPS and left all of the remaining systems in place?

I have not brought the car back for install so I wanted to have my facts straight before I let them install.

Thanks, RB