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    Default Differences between Suburbans...???

    We are considering a Suburban for it's ability to seat my family and the ease of fixing it when needed. (or so I am told) We are considering an older model (1992 - 1998) due to financial restrictions. I have a couple of questions, if I may...

    1. Are the Suburbans really easy to work on?

    2. Is there any difference in quality between the Chevy Suburban, GMC Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, or the GMC Yukon? or is it just a matter of different name due to different companies?

    3. I have always driven (don't flame me *lol*) Fords due to coincidence, not there a major difference in repairabilty between Chevy and Ford?

    I know I am asking a lot, but I really want to know. Thank you very much...

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    Welcome to the site. There seems to be a lot of folks buying suburbans these days. In the years you are looking at, there is very little difference between chevy & GMC. On the latest version GM has tried to make the GMC a little "classier" (I guess that is the right word). The only thing that would make them easier to work on is there might be a few less sensors & computer controls on the earlier models. Goodd luck & have fun!

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    The older suburbans are pretty easy to work on, especially if you get the 5.7L motor. There's plenty of space in the engine bay. Call me crazy, but it seems like the GMC equivalent of Chevy vehicles seem to last longer than the Chevys... It's supposedly the same blasted parts, just a different name... go figure.

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    In the years that you are looking at, I would stay between 96-99. Those had the vortec motor and have a little more power than the TBI motors. There is an issue with the vortecs having leaky intake gaskets, but chances are anything you come accross will have already had them replaced. It's still just a simple small block Chevy underneath all those sensors and they do a pretty good job at telling you what might be wrong if there is a problem.

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    I concur with Gary, and on top of that I limited myself to 98-99 Burbans. I figure the newer the less mileage. The price point these cars are at now, you can afford to be a little picky as there are tons of options, at least around where I live.

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    Well, I got the "Burb! It is a white 95, 4WD. And I love it! I am no longer a Ford man. *washes off the stench*

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    Dont be turned off by non vortec motors, those older TBI 350 seem alot easier to get better MPG outof without digging into the computer. Congrats anyway on the ultimate people mover!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DuckDaddy View Post
    Well, I got the "Burb! It is a white 95, 4WD. And I love it! I am no longer a Ford man. *washes off the stench*
    Watch that intake gasket.... How many miles are on it?
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    Congrats on the new purchase. I'm sure you'll be happy with it on the whole.

    I have always driven (don't flame me *lol*) Fords due to coincidence, not preference.
    I am no longer a Ford man. *washes off the stench*
    I'm not brand particular and don't think all too many people are total die-hard fans anymore. Vehicles in the driveway owned by household family members right now are (not kidding here) Jeep Cherokee, Ford Mustang, Pontiac Grand Prix, Nissan Maxima, Chevy Suburban and Alfa Romeo Spider. (<===== ok, that last one is, to no surprise, at the shop!) They all have their positives, they all have their negatives, they all need regular maintenance, and they will all break down at some point. Right now my trouble child is the Suburban.

    But I digress... post pictures of your new baby!

    "The Sarge"
    1999 Chevy Suburban LT- K2500
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    I just got my first Burban (02) Chevy and can't see why they are different from GMC except that GMC like it was stated, a little bit classier, whatever, right? The prices now are right for any year, model and size, but its going to change, so thats why I also cop'd it now.... GOOD LUCK. I get to pick it up tonight

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