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    Default Drive Shaft Noise and Vibration


    Our Tahoe's drive shaft has been making a noise for a while. The noise happens usually at slow speeds. Best example is when you are in a drive through, that speed level. But it can also happen if you are sitting still.

    So, I had my wife rev the engine and I got under the Tahoe and I am 98% sure it is coming right from within the drive shaft and as she revved the engine, the noise was happening. Sounds like a clanging noise that accelerates as the gas is pressed.

    Anyone have anything similar?

    Thanks very much!


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    What year is your Tahoe? Also is it 2wd or 4x4 those are all pieces of info that will help out. Also usually vibration in the driveshaft it caused by the u joints going bad, but the shaft it hollow so anything is possible.

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    Sorry, I should have mentioned that and thanks for the response.

    2004 LT V8. 2WD.



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    Does this only happen in gear or when in nuetral too?
    I understand it happens while sitting still so this almost rules out the u joints.
    Not sure if you did your under truck diagnosing while the truck was in gear but for safetys sake Id recommend putting the rear on jacks if you plan on more under truck troubleshooting.
    The driveshaft being hollow metal is a perfect conduit for noises in the drivetrain to work their way out, maybe try a stethascope on the trans and pan to see if your noise is coming from deeper inside.
    Diagnose if the problem is while in gear, nuetral, or park (or all positions).
    My suspicion is the problems internal and at the very least youll need to drop the pan for a look to see if something worked loose.

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    It happens when in neutral OR when driving. But usually only when pressing on the gas at low speeds or low RPMS.

    It has been this way for quite a while. The sounds actually sounds like something hitting something hollow. It has that hollow reverberation sound. Tomorrow, I will shoot a video and upload it so you can hear it for yourself.


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    My guess goes for ujoints. I know mine made a sort of hollow sound when mine were bad. Hope this helps. Btw that reminds me. I gotta change my ujoints soon.

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