Ive been thinking lately how much I hate winter time.. I dont like the cold and quite honestly sick of getting ready for it every year.. My woman and I spend lots of money and time on our flower beds and landscaping only to enjoy it for 5 months a year and then most of it dies, goes dormant, or just doesnt look good at all. Ive lived here near buffalo for my whole life and have traveled south but havent been west of the mississippi at all. I was trying to determine if I was wanting to pack up and leave where would I go?? I wondering if there is a perfect place. well this is what I would be looking for if such a place exists..

I dont want to see no snow... If I do it would be a rarety and probably only be at night and like I said RARE!!
Cant be at risk for out of control fires...like forest fires or the devastation thats seen in California,Nevada,Texas, and even Colorado and some of the other surrounding states..
I dont mind the heat but the humidity that makes it impossible to enjoy anything outdoors is out so the far south like Florida,Alabama, Louisiana ect. is out.
Wouldnt want to be in high risk area for Tornadoes and Hurricanes so the east side of the carolinas is out and the states in the plains like around Kansas is out too..

Is there any place in the US that has basically no chance for natural disaster?? And is like 50-80 degrees all year long so we can enjoy landscaping and not have to get ready for cold..BBBRRRRRRRRR watch our vehicles rot away in 10 years from salt.

I dont know but if there is such a place that a 50k year job can support nicely, Im looking at a 5 to 10 year plan to move there..