i just got done rebuilding my engine on my 1994 silverado k1500 not to long ago and when it was ready to start her up that didnt happen. The truck would crank but not start. So we bought a new battery made sure there was gas still nothing. We disconected the fuel lines to the throttle body to see if it was getting gas and it wasnt so then we dissconnected it from the fuel filter to iff if it might be clogged, turns out it wasnt. The fuel pump isnt even pumping gas, i never touched the gas tank or anything so im stumped. i am hoping i dont have to buy a new fuel pump. I know on some fords there is a reset switch behind the kick panal and i was wondering if there was anything like that on my truck, that i have to reset? A friend gave me the idea to run a wire straight from the battery to the pump but im a little hessitant on that. Everything worls fine it just doesnt pump gas.

any ideas would greatly help me out.

thanks tyler.