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    soory for the delay, couldn't get throught to the right spot with the camera, so didn't see any moving parts :( i still haven't had time to flush it yet either and now a new issie came up, im making a second thread for that.

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    ok ppl, still having my heater issue

    the reason why i think it's an actuator thats not working/stuck is that i can hear the airflow "getting trapped" when i turn the heat dial also feel a really big change in the airflow, thought the fan keeps the same speed, as i turn from max cold to max heat, i i change the dial indoor i fell it get cooler if i select AC on/ ACmax and get it back to "room tempered" when i turn to max heat, so somewhere in the heater there is a inlet/outlet door thats not working! (the hoses are warm, not hot, but evenly warm)

    heres the diagram for the heater:
    i would like to know if there is a possibility that anyone of those three other actuators have anything to do with the heat?
    I've tried to get to the heater unit/core but there is the airbag assembly in the way and i cant see an easy way to remove it, and ofc my haynes doesn't even cover the unit except for changing the heatercore which cant be acsessed because of the airbag assembly that in some kind of steelcage mounted in/below the dashboard (as far as i've seen).

    Something that would greatly help me would be some kind of asseblyview of the dashboard/passenger airbag so i get get it out and try to move the other three actuators if thery're not moving or to be ablse to see if every linkarm/pushrod/shaft is connected where it should be!
    As things are now im totally moving blind, dunno what to look after or how to do :(
    i've also considered leaving it to a mechanic but there is none in town that is certified/fixes the bigger GM cars, the closest one i found is 250-300 miles away... and cant drive there this time of the year because i have no heat i the car and it's freezing cold when it's -20 -30 degrees C :(

    the only upside is that the rear heater works better then ever before... just to bad that the nice cosy heat in the back meets a wall of ice behind the front seat row. Ineed to have the front fans running to keep the windows clear and get fresh air inside, the rear heater take air from the rear compartment and heats it up, so as the air in the back gets hotter, so does the air from the rear heater. to bad i can,t do it the other way and circulate the front air and take fresh air in the back, because that heater works.

    well, end of rant, i really need this going, if you know anyone that have had issues with their express/savana heater please ask them, anything might help.


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