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    Quote Originally Posted by collinsperformance View Post
    if you installed the constant duty relay you can pull a tap off the coil pack. the relay does not take any power to switch this is why it is the perfect part for this. You can run a second relay and use a toggle switch so you can use low or high as needed and take some of the load off the alt. in the off road world we have a switch for high and low and off if you were doing water crossings....these are the best working and best price fan i ever found.....mike
    Mike, for the electonically stupid (me), can you give more details how to wire up a second relay for the hi/low/off switch? Pretend like you're talking to a 5 year old


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    Here's a more in-depth install and thee should be diagrams and such there describing high-low speed switches, manual A/C override switches, and water crossing disable switches. You can do a lot with these fans to make them come on right when you want them and do exactly what you want... Pretty cool, I just gotta go find me one, or 2....

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    you would run the "low" just like the "High" switch you just add a second solinod and connect to the other power wird on the fan. then wire the fan controller to a 2 pole switch one side high and the other low this way you can select the speed....mike
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    Yesterday I went to Autozone and purchased an electric thermostat kit and when I got home I relized it was the contrioller and all. So I decided to get rid of my rigging I did and just use all the stuff. I finally got the temp set and was real happy with its performance until today going down the highway stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Damn temp pegged out and pulled over immediately. For some reason the fan was not coming on so I cut all that crap off and wired the fan straight to the fused wire from the battery. As soon as I found an auto parts store I bought a new relay and wired it the way I had it in the first place. I paid $35 for that BS kit and it stuck me beside the road. I pay $4 for just a relay and I am riding around with a smile on my face. Don't buy junk from autopart stores. Just go ahead and spend the extra dough and geet the good stuff. Painless wiring here I come!!!!

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    the controler i had in the motorhome did a strange thing it would not turn on until i turned it down some and back up. i added a double pole switch and now i have a auto fan spot an off spot and a manual over ride spot. this worked fine....mike

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    Just an update. we went out camping this last weekend. It feels so much better knowing I got full control of the fan if needed. I left the fan switch in the "Auto" position and not a single burp. it was good to know if the temp looked like it was going to go up i could over ride the controller....mike

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    Good info here

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    I noticed towards the end of this post alot of problems how are the rigs holding up now ? I did this on a 95 sonoma but bought an aftermarket kit with everything including directions has worked fine. I did notice better response and the loos of that loud ass fan when it kicks on. I would recomend as a legit upgrade easy and on the cheaper side of modding.

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    Default Electric Fan conversion

    Thanks for posting the article and all the great info and pictures on the electric fan.
    I have been thinking about doing a electric fan install on my 97 Tahoe 2dr Z71.
    Who would have thought a Ford part would work so well on a Chevy Truck. He-he
    When I get time to do it I am sure I will use the information on here.

    Thanks again, take care, John
    Hello from SW Wisconsin,
    I finally have a Chevy Truck again.
    A 1997 Chevy Tahoe LS 2dr 4x4 with the "Barn Doors".
    Z71 Off Road pkg and Towing pkg.
    The color is Cherry Ice metallic with Silver Metallic trim.
    Been looking for a 2dr Tahoe, found one, drove it and it followed me home. It's great driving a Chevy truck again.
    Working on installing my Amateur Radio Equipment.
    Have a safe ride and God Bless, John

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