Okay guys, I searched back 5 pages of threads and didn't find anything on this...

I've got a Standard Cab Truck, and I'm wanting to install some form of Subwoofer Setup in the vehicle to aid in my listening pleasures!

I've got a single 12" Audiobahn DVC 700watt subwoofer, and a single 12" box that it's mounted in. But it's still too large to fit between my center console and the rear of the cabin. I know that JL makes a "Stealth Box" with like a 10" or 12" sub that replaces the jump seat portion of the center console (or so I think) - but it's like over $500 (not reasonable, IMO).

Wanted to see if anyone here has anything in a Standard Cab. If so, what? Pics? Ideas? Links? Dimensions?

Thanks in advance!