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    Ok, now I see the reason for the preference over the tailgaited hatches.

    I have an '02 Suburban which has the full door hatch so no tailgate. Alternatively, you can open just the window kind of like a half hatch. Most of the time I just open the full hatch.

    I just saw the barn doors on a Suburban today and it looked to be somewhere in the '02-'04 range. Looked nice but I still prefer the full hatch as it is easy to operate and you get the wiper and full rear window visibility.

    I wonder if they are starting to sell these with the auto-open (using the remote key fob) rear hatches. That would be even nicer.

    Speaking of doors, I'd like to see an option for a Suburban with sliding rear doors. When I park my Suburban in the garage or in a tight parking spot, it would be nice to have the sliders as opposed to swing doors (I have a post in a bad spot in my garage). The sliders work great in these situations but I think the automakers shy away from them for SUVs due to the minivan stigma associated with them.

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    most of the time you can't open a full hatch inside the garage with the garage door shut. half the time you can't do it wven with the garage door open. i had the clear out my tandem garage so that i can pull in the suburban more, so that i can open the hatch when the garage door is closed. never did i had hat problem with the 94.

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    I ordered the barn doors to save my back, and I'm tall and don't want to whack my head on the lifted hatch. I don't know if everyone is aware, when I ordered my ol' 'Burb I learned, the barn doors were standard and the lift gate was an extra cost option. I never saw a dealer ordered 'Burb with bard doors, all the ones I saw on the lots had the extra cost doors. I don't know if that's still the case; but if you wonder why they were discontinued, just follow the money trail: The barn doors didn't sell well because the dealers ordered the optional ones.
    Are we having fun, yet?

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    Default after further investigation

    i'm coming to the conclusion....2004 was the last year (silly GM folks!)

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    My friend seems to like the tailgate option the most. I prefer the barn doors, but to think of it, tailgating or hauling loads a truck like tailgate would be convenient, especially if you come across anything longer than 8feet to haul.

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    Default Hmmmm

    well... i think i'm going to go out and buy/try one with a lift will be the first time i've ever had anything but barn doors. might be good with rain but i'm still not sure how i'll be able to climb up to the roof
    with the lift door (i walk on the roof a lot) any suggestions?

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