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    Default 87 Chevy Suburban spuddering.......

    I have a 87 Suburban and I noticed today when I tried to get on it, it spuddered at first, then after picking up some speed, it gets smoother. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any help would be appreciated

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    time for a tune-up? might run some seaFoam in the tank and in the intake.....mike
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    Ok I'll do try that. The thing that puzzles me is because I'm not really familiar with carburated vehicles so I didn't know if maybe the carb would be dirty or not but would spraying carb cleaner inside the carb clean it up if it is dirty? Thanks Mike.

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    I also noticed this yesterday while I was doing some more trouble shooting.... When I took off the Carb cover and the truck was still running, I was looking at both the injectors (tb injection) and when I rev the motor, one injector sprays a lot of gas and the other one barely sprays any compared to the other one. Could it be that I have an injector prob or is that how they are suppose to operate?

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    They suppose to spray equal, it could be thatís the problem
    Peter Smet
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    Wow I guess you guys can add me to the list of people that believe Sea Foam really works! I bought some today from the autoparts store and ran it through my intake (through the power booster line) and poured the rest into the tank. Before using this stuff, when I would try to step on it to accelerate hard, it would kinda bogg then after this stuff, I burned rubber! Hahaha great stuff.

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    Now the only issue I'm having is it doesn't start up within one or two or even three attempts. It usually takes about 5 attempts and first it will turn over then shut back down but after that, it starts right up. Could this be the fuel pump? How can I check the fuel psi? It's tb injected.

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    Nope that's already been changed but thanks. Any other advice? How would I know if I need a valve job?

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    Quote Originally Posted by burbanguy View Post
    Nope that's already been changed but thanks. Any other advice? How would I know if I need a valve job?
    I don't have a whole lot of experience with these motors, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    You shouldn't need a valve job per say, unless you have reason to believe that the pistons have ever come in contact with valves. The only maintenance to do on the valve train AFAIK, is to make sure there's not excessive play in the rockers (valve adjustment). The need for this is usually noticed when there is a constant ticking coming from the valve cover.

    Have you checked for vacuum leaks? I know with my '94 I had some vacuum lines that were hardened and starting to crack. When I replaced them, the truck started and purred every time, the first time.

    Again, if I'm wrong, someone please correct me. I've only ever owned imports and turbo cars.


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