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    Default Help a noob buy a 2014 Lifted Silverado…. What's a fair price for truck with mods?

    Hey fellas,

    New guy here to the boards. Retired military of 20 years and just got hired on with a new company making some pretty good money in addition to my pension rolling in every month. Looking for a new truck and I'm a chevy guy so it's either gonna be a Silverado or Sierra…. Browsed around a little yesterday and found a beautiful truck that has everything I want….. I have a few desires and I found it in this truck...

    1. I want the truck already lifted if possible with black rims and bigger tires….. I've settled on a 6" lift and some 35's that are already on this truck…. It's a 1500 Silverado with the 5.3 ECotec…. Nav, cloth seats, power everything… It's a silver truck sitting on black Pro Comp 20" wheels, 35's, with a 6" pro comp lift and predator bars. The speedo has been recalibrated already…. where I need help is finding a fair price for this truck. I took a picture of the build sheet and the dealer installed options (lift, predator bars, rims, tires, speedo recal) and here's the breakdown:

    Standard vehicle price without option is 38,325

    MSRP with options (LT Plus package and Allstar edition) is 44,730 (options came to 6160)

    Now here's where I need the help…. I know that there is a bit of flex room in between the MSRP and the fair price for the truck. I'm thinking that there about 2,000 in there for dealer profit that I could maybe get down to 1,000 over dealer invoice which i'm thinking is around 42,000 or so….

    Now here's where it's interesting…. The dealer installed options of lift, tires, wheels, predator bars, speedo recal, and the labor to do all that THEY list at 9995.00 bringing the total cost of the truck to 54,725….. Now here's where I need your help. I know a lift does NOT cost 10 grand….. I'm imagining the lift parts cost 1500-2000… wheels are probably another 1400, tires another 1600 and i'm estimating high…. bars maybe 500 bucks…. that puts those parts at about 5500….. 10 hours to install at an average shop rate of about 100 bucks per hour is another grand….. so grand total of $6500 for a 6" lift, those pro comp wheels/tires, and the step up bars…..I posted some pictures of the truck with this post but I really want to hear everyones opinion on a fair offer for this truck…. They want 54,725. I have a trade in that is worth about 4K….. I was thinking if the TOTAL price that I finance was around 48K I'd be happy to include sales tax, title, license, blah blah blah…..

    Or should I RUN from this dealership as fast as possible, buy the same truck not lifted and simply do it myself? the downside of that is that I wouldn't be able to finance the lift/rims/tires into the cost of the truck which i'm hoping to be able to do….. thanks for any help guys...
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    Did the dealer do the work or a Upfitter? (Rocky Ridge, SLP, eta) In resale value you will never get the money back They sell it as a 2014 Silverado So if you were to sell it back to them a month down the road they would give you what the STOCK truck is worth Without the lift and add ons. Anytime the dealer sells a car or truck with Aftermarket Stuff on it it is more Profit for them like taking them ALL out to dinner..

    True the best thing about getting it through the dealer is that you CAN finance it and still have the Warranty. I belive by law they have to cover the WHOLE truck Lift and all for 3/36..

    It's up to you.. There are shops out there that will finance Tires and rims and lift kits so you can save some money..
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    I bought mine, exact model as yours except mine is a 2011 that I bought in Feb 2012, and I paid 41k. It was a Rocky Ridge and considered a leftover and yours is not so right there is probably 5k. Also remember that if your running 35" tires and the gearing is stock at 3:42 it is going to be doggy.. you might not notice it on a test drive but take it on the highway and you will notice it hunting for gears constantly.. Make sure the dealer your buying it from will completely cover the warranty if you purchase it already done. If your not dealing with this dealer after the sale be carefull how your warranty will work. I bought mine in Michigan and live in NY and the dealers here tell me that whoever did the lift, tires ect. would cover any warranty issues that fail due to thier parts..If they dont pay the dealer working on the truck enough, then your responsible for the remainder of the bill. All the dealers selling new lifted trucks advertise as a full factory warranty but its not necessarily true. Buyer beware.

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    Like Enkei said, all that add-on stuff is just more money in the dealership's pocket. Is the lift package worth $10k? No, but that is what the dealer is asking for it. Remember: something is only worth what someone will ultimately pay for it. If you don't want to pay $10k for the lift then don't buy. If you really, really want the truck, your have 2 options: talk down the total price or walk away. Have you looked into getting a car loan from a bank or credit union? Get the loan first then go to the dealership. If they dealership knows they will be paid in full up front, they are more willing to negotiate and you'll get lower interest rates from the banks/credit unions.
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    Thanks fellas for all the replies... The lift was done at a local 4x4 place in Sacramento that is highly regarded. The dealer did discuss with me that the lift is covered by the Pro Comp lift warranty (Lift guard) so that stuff would be covered by them..... I realize that IF the truck had some issues and I took it back to them they could essentially blame the lift for the problems (like if the tranny was to go out they could blame it on the lift even though it has nothing to do with it) and try to screw me.... However even if I lift it myself I'm going to get into that issue regardless...

    I'm going to do what you guys said and get pre approved first... I've dealt with this dealership before and they can be shady although they do a TON of business... The dealership reminds me of your typical HUGE dealership, that you get in there, spend the whole day haggling, and they will try and get you financed thru a million banks and try and take a cut of the finance charge (bank gives you 5%, they tell you 6% and they pocket the difference).... I'll get online and try and get my own financing up front so I have a number to work with...

    As far as this truck I did my math and found some real good stuff online regarding the truck itself and the mods they installed....

    Truck MSRP is 44,370 roughly.... There is a $3000 dollar swing between invoice and MSRP. I'm willing to go $1500 over invoice as their profit on JUST the truck....

    So that means 42,870 is my offer for JUST the truck..... Then you have the mods...

    I researched the lift kit, rims, tires, and bars....

    lift kit was 1600 for parts, rims were about 1300, tires were about 1600, and predator bars 500... parts grandtotal was 5000.... I figured a lift kit and all that stuff to install would be roughly 10 hours labor (if that) at a typical shop labor of 100 bucks per hour... so that's another $1000..... So in total the lift kit and labor for install would be 6K. I'm willing to give them a 1000 over that for their time and labor involved getting it back and forth to offroad place...

    So 42,870 plus 7k for what the mods are worth plus 1K for their time doing it totals up to 49,870 for the whole thing...... obviously BEFORE tax, my trade in, etc.... I was going to go in there and tell them that my number is 49,500 take it or leave it..... if they drop it down to 49,500 we can talk....

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    Sounds like you have done your homework and have a plan. Good luck! Damn nice truck!

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