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    Default other rearend gears for 2500HD?

    Since I can't give my truck away, I may have to keep her.
    Are there any other rearend gears made for the 2500??
    I've got 4:10 do not that. I'd like to get down to 3:42ish or lower.
    Thanks, Mark

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    Yes, there are other rear end gears. I like Randy's site layout ( as far as finding what's available for you axle. You can also look at most any other vendor (like Napa,, Carquest, GM dealer, or a local 4x4 shop or whatever).

    Know that if you have a 4x4, you also have to change the front axle gear ratio, or convert to 2wd.
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    If you change gears, your speedometer will be wrong. For the GM 10-bolt rearend that is found on most 1/2ton trucks, they make gears as low as 3.08 and as high as...I think 5.56

    For the 14-bolt rearend that's probably in your truck, I think the lowest there is is 3.42s, but I think that's even a bit low for that rearend.
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    why do you want to lower your gears?? there are many other gears for your axle, my guess is a 14 or 12 bolt. i would keep them stock the 4.10 is a good all around gear ratio to stay with unless you get bigger tires
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    Not sure of the year model truck you have, but it shouldnt matter much the axles didnt change a lot over the years. I have 3.42's in my 1997 2500 4X4 Suburban w/7.4, the gears made a big difference in the mpg, when I got it I was only getting around 12 with 4.10's now it gets avg 16 and I've gotten as good as 21 on a road trip.
    Randy's Ring and Pinion is probably one of the best gear vendors around. There are many others out on the market that can be found with a google search, but most prices will be comparable. Just remember to avoid any gears manufactured in China, they've been having reliability problems for a few years.

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    i would have to ask why the gear swap as well? for the same cost you can get a gear vendor splitter or doubler to keep the same gear and get another gear when you want it....mike
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