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    Default Antique or classic Insurance for 1989 Suburban

    Is there any way to put my 1989 Suburban Silverado on a classic insurance policy?? Typically these insurance carriers will restrict your mileage (less than 2500 miles per year and usually over 25 years old) The mileage is not a problem since I don't drive my suburban that often. I know some companies have a "less than 25 years old" range like 15-20 years old and they just charge a little more for this category.

    Has anyone out there had any luck getting their suburban on to such a policy. If you did please let me know which insurance company you are using. My 89 looks good (Dark Blue with Grey sides factory paint combo, some minor rust spots but overall appearance is decent. It has a rebuilt crate 350 5 years ago and runs great, stock rims all original.

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    Hmm, never though about doing that. I know insurance works differently for vehicles of high value, like Jay Leno's garage cars that get driven once per year or just sit in a musuem to be looked at. Not even sure who writes policies like that, your local agent?

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    Default classic insurance for 1989 suburban continued

    The reason I brought up this question about putting my 89 suburban on a classic policy is because I also have a 1981 Trans Am( last year of production of the 2nd generation T/A's) which is on the policy and I only pay around $140 a year. Again there is a mileage restriction less than 2500 miles per year. The company that is insuring my trans-am is American Hobbyist a subsidiary of American Classic Insurance Company. I tried to do this once before ( with American Classic the bigger company)for an 1986 suburban I owned, but it didn't work because the '86 I had wasn't in as good condition as the 89. The Insurance company said that my 86 looked like "a daily driver" and denied coverage,that attempt was around a year ago. I am trying it again and I am in the process of applying ( with American Hobbyist this time)and will let you now what happens. The Insurance company said that they are starting to insure old Broncos from the 1970's era because there is a following and special interest groups for the Broncos. I am not trying to get around paying for regular insurance - I have and 02 suburban which I drive to work every day. But it would be great to save some $ on insurance since I am a auto enthusiast an enjoying owning and restoring my 89 suburban ( I think these old suburbans are really cool)

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    On my 97 Suburban and my Jeep Wrangler I have them listed as part time drivers/RV's, I'm not restricted on mileage but I pay a quarter of the original premium when they were on the road full time. I'm with GEICO but have done this through other insurance companys in the past.

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