I'm a newbie to the board. I joined to get some help in deciding which yr and motor to look for for my next Silverado. I've put 200k on my '92 that has a 4.3 and a 5 speed. Its been a great truck but its time to get something newer and more powerful. The ol 4.3 just doesn't cut it when pulling a boat. On the "plus side" it has consistently gotten 20 MPG. So here's my question: what motor will give me 20+mpg on avg? I like the 4th generation body style and have HEARD that the '96 and newer small blocks will give me the mpg and power I'm looking for. Whatever yr and motor I get will have 2WD but I'm open to either and auto or stick. I'd REALLY like to hear your advice and comments on this subject.
Thanks in advance for all your responses.
Wet Willie in TN