My wife and I are leaving to go to her brother's wedding in K.C. on the 13th of August. He lives in Houston so after the wedding we will be heading back to his place for a couple of days.

We will be driving the whole trip so the first stop on our way back to Calgary is ggoing to be the Alamo in San Antonio. Kinda hoping that mabey some of you guy could help me out and let me know the best way in and out since I understand that its right downtown.

After we leave San Antonio we going to head up the I 10 and get on HW 87 to head up through Lubbock and into Amarillo.

Next we plan on heading due west along route 66/ I 40 towards the Grand Canyon. We have a 4day/3night package booked from the 24th to the 27th.

Then we start heading home. Due north.

The point of the thread is that I know alot of you guys live in the areas that we will be visiting and I'm hoping that you can help us out. Let us know some of the things to see or avoid. Mabey since my time is so tight let me know of some little gem that is not in the tourist books.

I'm also going to be starting a blog that I'll try to up date as we travel along. It will be my first blog so this seems like a good way to pop my cherry!