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    is this the sending unit in the head right behind #1

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    ok. weird stuff,
    I found the ECT removed and plugged it with an old broken one. as I was coming out of the garage to go test it I thought just for grins I
    'd tryit with the plug off, it started after a little cranking with it sounding like it wanted to start, it did start.
    so I am thinking it must be a bad ECT , just to be sure I bring it in and test it, its good. so I put it back in and break the plug. but there is enough of the pins to slide the plug on. start it right up, was going to leave it run to charge the battery. well the head lights are on , so I hit the E-brake and it dies. I pull it off and restart it , starts right up. I push the E-brake lightly and its fine, push it down all the way it dies. so I try it with the brake pedal and no effect. I had the battery charger on too, so I figure its messing with the ecm. just has I get to the battery charger it dies before I shut off the charger. ??? weird huh???

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    I replaced the ECT with a new one, truck seems to be running fine now.

    thank you very much for your help.


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    well, back to where I started, it won't start after sitting over night.

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    these sender sensors for engine temp to the PCM should be changed at the 10 year old age . if these are bad as to report the wrong temp the engine may start but you will possibly lose on mpg.

    a reported colder reading would cause the engine to operate in open loop much longer ...

    good luck !

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