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    Default powerglide vs t400

    Well im geting two trannys for $160. One is a 70's 2 speed powerglide and the other is a 3 speed t400. I know the 400 is a good tranny BUT ive heard of the powerglides being awsome trannys for drag racing. I know you need to rebuild them and mod a few things and youll have a tranny that will take any amount of hp you throw at it. Im not really going to street it im probobly going to drag and drift with the ttranny i pick. Anybody has used a powerglide before or knows alot about them please let me know thank you.

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    My dad just had a 1953 cast iron power glide rebuilt last year, it cost him $1,100 total. His truck is a daily driver though, sorry I couldn't help more.
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    I was using a 2 speed powerglide behind a 383 in a rockcrawler I have.
    The only complaint I ever had about the powerglide was not enough gears, it was strong enough to handle much more power than my engine produced.
    But for a daily driver that travels any distance its limited on top end, which also kills fuel mileage.
    Due to not having a trailer at the time I swapped it for a TH400 and a short time later that was swapped for a built 700r4.
    The powerglide has lived behind a friends built and supercharged 383 for 3 years with no issues.

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    Thanks guys. So if im not dailing it it should be fine for what i want to do then?

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    Couldnt tell ya about drifting but a good choice for drag racing.

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    Ok the way i see it the course we have isnt very big so i dont think id leave first gear. What slapshift should i go with for it???

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    Ok! Looks like im not using the powerglide :-( it has massive shaft play in the rear and the front little shaft can be pulled out over an inch!! And it turns out its a pontiac tranny :'( the bolt paddern isnt the same as the th400. And in the middle of the bellhousing at the top its cuped down. So i guess im using the th400 now.

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