Hello everyone,

My name is Bill and I'm an addict! Wait...wrong class!!!
My name is Bill. I'm 28 years old and I recently purchased my first GMC. My family and I live in a small town in west Texas. I work for the State and my wife is a school teacher. We have two children and life is great.

I traded in my 3rd Ram for an '08 Sierra almost 2 months ago. I have to admit I still have a little "buyer's remorse". I've always been a Dodge man but I love the new body style! My Dodge was rugged and mean and the Sierra seems too sophisticated for me so far but I'll adjust.

Anyway...I'm installing an Alpine overhead monitor for the kiddos tonight and exhaust (for me) tomorrow s I'll keep ya'll updated.

BTW- I do love my Sierra but it's stock right now but I'll make it "mine" soon enough!