Just thought I would give a heads up on an issue I had a some months ago and would share with my fellow truck owners.

I had replaced my stock 3rd brake light with a smoked out one to go with my theme for my truck. Well after about 15 months I notice one day my remote key fob wasnt working and the tps monitor indicator in the DIC was lit indicating a problem. Then for the next month everything worked fine. Then again one morning I noticed the tps monitor indicator was lit again so I drove right to the dealership. They took it right in and 2 hours later came out and told me that my 3rd brake light was leaking water and it found its way to the module that runs the tps (wireless)system and the key fob remote (wireless) thats located I believe in the driverside rear cab post.(basically where the rear door latches) The mechanic came out and kinda gave me the speel of "I see you changed your third brake light to an aftermarket one" I said "yes I did but I used the same seal that came with the stock one." He replied with "well we are going to cover the repair because there is a technical service bulletin out on the stock 3rd brake light possibly leaking and causing this issue." I was relieved and said ok cool. Well after seeing the silicone he smeared on my roof I was none to impressed but I believe the module was about $700. So as we are getting to the point of the 2011's warranty's expiring, Its something to think about.. Also Im not sure what years or trucks are affected by the poor design of the seal for the 3rd brake light but when I originally removed it I did notice it was not the greatest of seals. Maybe some searching can find this TSB and will give more detailed info about it. Hope this info can save someone some headaches and $$$$$$$.